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Oct 17
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For a reason we cannot understand, Just Dance 3 was released on Tuesday last week rather than Friday. Even with a few extra day’s worth of sales behind it Ubisoft’s dancing game hasn’t been able to outsell FIFA 12, entering at #3 in the top 40 UK chart.

Forza Motorsport 4 on the other hand has managed to tackle FIFA 12 this week and enters at the top of the chart knocking FIFA 12 to #2. It was a close call though – according to Chart-Track Forza 4 only beat FIFA 12 by 700 copies.

RAGE drops from #2 to #4 while Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 makes its mark at #5. Last year’s rendition managed to enter at #2. It’s the PlayStation 3 version of Pro Evolution 2012 that has shifted the most copies so far, according to the individual formats chart.

The new entries don’t stop here. Far from it. At #10 there’s Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon at #12, the budget-priced Dead Rising 2: Off the Record at #14, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure at #16 and Spider-Man: Edge of Time at a very poor #39. Oddly, it’s the Xbox 360 version of Skylanders that’s proving to be the most popular and not the Wii version as some may expect.

The PlayStation 2 chart continues to be a source of amusement, and hopefully not just for ourselves. This week the top 10 contains FIFA 12, FIFA 11, FIFA 09 and three rather ‘hardcore’ RPGs. Yes – people went out and purchased FIFA 09 on PlayStation 2 last week. Crazy.

Oct 10
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Glowing reviews for Dark Souls and heavy TV promotion for RAGE haven’t helped either to dethrone FIFA 12 from the top of the UK top 40 chart. Both have done very well though – RAGE makes #2 with Dark Souls at #3. It’s the PS3 version of Dark Souls which has shifted the most, which makes sense seeing Demon’s Souls was a PlayStation 3-exclusive. Gears of War 3 at #4 and F1 2011 at #5 rounds off the top 5.

After just one week ICO and The Shadow of Colossus Collection has left the top 10, droping 10 places down to #17. X-Men Destiny is on the slippery slope already too, down from #18 to #28.

At #39 there’s a surprise entry – El Shaddai: Ascesion of Metatron. This failed to make the top 40 on release, but now the price has been dropped it has managed to make its way in. We suppose a #39 placing is better than never breaking the top 40 at all.

In the single formats we see The Cursed Crusade and Power Up Heroes hit #30 and #40 respectively in the Xbox 360 chart while Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 makes #24 in the DS chart.

Oct 06
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Chart-Track stopped their PlayStation 2 full price chart last month. This means only one thing – they have been unable to compile one as next to no full price games have been sold.

How do we know this? Because Chart-Track made news headlines yonks ago, after they reported that they were ending the N-Gage chart as sales were failing to enter double figures. This was back when the N-Gage was still about, hence why it was deemed newsworthy at the time.

The PlayStation 2 budget chart is still going though. New release FIFA 12 – which is the first PS2 release in many months – is, as you may expect, at #1.

The rest of the chart is mildly amusing: at #2 there’s FIFA 11; at #3 Pro Evolution Soccer 11, even though Pro Evolution Soccer 12 is due out on the ageing system next week.

At #4… get ready for this… is Sensible Soccer 2006. A retailer somewhere must have found some old copies in their storeroom.

We’ll carry on shall we? At #5 there’s Guitar Hero: World Tour; #6 is Scooby Doo and the Spooky Swap, which was released late last year; Crash Bandicoot Action Pack at #7; Sega Mega Drive Collection at #8; Shin Megami Tensi: Persona 3 FES at #9; and High School Musical at #10.

Amazon still has new copies of Persona 3 in stock, so presumably that’s why it’s in the chart. With Sensible Soccer 2006 riding high, it makes us wonder what could make an appearance next week.

Oct 03
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Predictably, FIFA 12 has pushed Gears of War 3 off the top of the UK chart this week. It has become the third biggest UK launch ever, with launch sales up 18% over FIFA 11.

You may recall that we were mildly interested in seeing how well the PlayStation 2 version performed, considering that you can count this year’s PS2 releases on three fingers. A glance at the individual chart reveals that it made #25, outselling the PC version at #27 and the 3DS version at #30. PC download sales aren’t included, mind you. FIFA 12 sold the most on Xbox 360, followed by PS3, Wii and PSP in that order.

The recent PlayStation 3 HD collections haven’t fared brilliantly – God of War HD Collection Vol 2 has left the top 40 after just two weeks – but Ico and The Shadow of the Colossus Collection has managed to make the top ten, clocking in at #7.

Activision’s scrappy X-Men Destiny arrives at #18, while the arrival of Child of Eden on PS3 helps it to re-enter at #29.

In the DS chart, Aliens Infestation crawls in at #30. Other new entries Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar both outsold it at #19 and #25 respectively.

Sep 29
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FIFA 12 – or Females Ignored For Another 12 months, as some people have cheekily titled it – is this week’s biggest release. Plenty of good things are being said, although 360 magazine pointed out that if you’re only playing it offline you’re going to miss out on the best stuff. There a rather informative video review over at GamePro that’s worth a watch.

We’re interested to see if the budget-priced PlayStation 2 version will make the chart. Last year it managed to make it to a surprisingly high #12 in the individual formats chart.

NGamer wasn’t that mad about the Wii version of FIFA 12. They gave it 72%, pointing out that the FIFA City mode doesn’t have much meat on it and only the big name players look decent.

Aliens: Infestation is another that has been reviewed by NGamer this month. An odd game to release this late in the DS’s life, but a welcome one – they gave it 80%. TheHut looks like the best place to make a purchase from – they have it for £23.85.

We’re also pleased to see Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon getting a European release. Cooking Mama World: Outdoor Adventures, not so much. The budget-priced Ben 10 Triple Pack, meanwhile, should keep the kids quiet for at least ten minutes.

There’s a trio of titles to treat PlayStation 3 owners this week. The Ico & Shadow of the Colossus HD collection is near enough an essential purchase, especially if you haven’t played either – they were the best adventure games the PlayStation 2 had to offer. Child of Eden was ace on Kinect, and now the Move version is out. Online retailers dropped the price before it was even released – it’s £14.99 on Play with a free T-shirt. Then there’s Koei’s RPG Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland. Isn’t Arland the town King of the Hill was set in?

Finally, sneaking into stores is Activision’s X-Men Destiny. GamesRadar are first off the bat with a 5/10 review. Good fan service, but awful presentation and a lack of polish, they claimed.

Next week: Dark Souls (PS3, 360), Rage (PS3, 360, PC), NBA 2K12 (PS3, PSP, PS2, 360, Wii, PC), PowerUp Heroes (360) and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (DS).

Jun 11
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FIFA 12 has been confirmed for release on Sony’s aging black block. Nope, not the PSP – the PlayStation 2.

A couple of games have been released on PS2 this year already – WWE All Stars and Ben 10: Cosmic Destruction – but my money was on last year’s FIFA being the last.

The PlayStation 2 version of FIFA 11 managed to get to #25 in the top 40 UK individual format chart last year, which was once place higher than the DS version entered at.

Incidentally, there is absolutely nothing due out on the system until FIFA 12 arrives in September.

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