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Aug 15
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Zumba Fitness is #1 for the 9th week in a row, but let’s ignore that shall we? Thanks.

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean is up from #5 to #2, Cars 2 holds onto #3, DiRT 3 slides from #2 to #4 and FIFA 11 goes up one place from #6 to #5.

FIFA 11 has been in the chart now for 46 weeks and with FIFA 12 not out until 30th September chances are it’ll make it for 50 weeks. And then vanish. Such is the life of EA’s yearly sports updates.

Outside the top ten, the 3DS price drop has helped Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D hookshot back up from #39 to #13. No other 3DS games have made a chart appearance though.

Apr 18
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Zumba Fitness became 505 Games’ first ever #1 last week. It’s still at #1 this week, so it’s not hard to imagine that they’re pretty pleased about that. If another Zumba game isn’t released in time for Christmas I’ll happily eat my own weight in lard.

Promotion, of some kind, has helped FIFA 11 rise back into the top 10 – it was at #12 but now it’s back at #4. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 to 4 has risen back up too, presumably thanks to the DVD release of whatever the last film was called.

The Kinect and Move versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience were amongst last week’s new releases and have helped Jackson re-enter the chart at #15. 64% of sales were for the Kinect iteration, according to the ever-so informative chaps at Chart Track.

In the single formats Patapon 3 marches in at #10 in the PSP chart, WSC Real 2011 at #36 in the Xbox 360 chart and LEGO Ninjago at an impressive #8 in the DS chart.

Feb 21
By Jake In UK Charts 3 Comments

It’s a good first week for Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, but not quite as good as we expected: it debuts at #2. That’s a bit better than Marvel vs Capcom 2, which entered the chart at #183 back in 2002. That’s not an exaggeration: it’s a Chart-Track fact, friends.

“Enough trivia, what’s this week’s chart topper?” I hear you ask, a little breathless with anticipation. Well, I’ll answer that with a statistic: Call of Duty: Black Ops sold 192 percent more than the previous week. So yes, it’s back at #1.

Dead Space 2 falls just one place to #3, pushing last week’s #1, Test Drive Unlimited 2, all the way down to #4. FIFA 11 – down a couple – completes the all important top five.

Matt was really very fond of Deathsmiles, so appropriately enough that goes straight in at the very pointiest end of the Xbox 360 budget chart. There’s no place for it in the overall chart, but it does take #8 in the all formats budget chart.

After a spike in sales last week due to the Super Bowl, Madden NFL 11 falls back from #14 to #32. And going in the opposite direction, Mass Effect 2 is up to #18 from #36. It looks like that’s chiefly down to Xbox 360 sales: it’s up a couple to #10 in the PlayStation 3 chart, but up six to to #4 in the Xbox 360 budget chart.

Jan 04
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UK Charts

This week’s chart is the first since Christmas. This means that a lot of new console owners have been contributing to game sales over the last seven days, and also those who have been out looking for bargains in the sales.

There’s a change over on the top of the chart for starters – FIFA 11 is back on top pushing Call of Duty: Black Ops to #2. Kinect Sports is up from #8 to #6, Fallout: New Vegas rises from #11 to #9 and Dance Central boogies on up from #19 to #10. It’s encouraging to see two Kinect titles in the top 20 for a second week running.

As for possible January sale-related risers, Fable III is up from #32 to #15, Halo: Reach shoots to #37 to #22 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II forces its way up from #36 to #21.

There are seven re-entries as well including Dead Rising 2 at #31 and Kinectimals at #36. Spare a thought for poor old Epic Mickey though – I thought it might be in the top 20 this week thanks to being cut to under £20 at some stores but the mouse has now left the house (chart) completely.

Dec 20
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UK Charts

Between them, Activision, EA and Ubisoft rule the top 5 this week – Call of Duty: Black Ops is rather predictably Christmas #1 and is followed by FIFA 11 at #2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at #3, Just Dance 2 at #4 and Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood at #5.

Nintendo takes command of the lower part of the top 10 though – Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 is at #6, Donkey Kong Country Returns at #7, Medal of Honor at #8, Wii Fit Plus at #9 and Professor Layton and The Lost Future at #10.

Sticking with the Wii, Epic Mickey rises up from #37 to #34 while Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary has dropped from #31 to #37.

Dec 13
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UK Charts

There’s no joy for Golden Sun: Dark Dawn in this week’s top 40 chart but Epic Mickey has finally made an appearance at a rather lowly #37. Call of Duty: Black Ops holds onto #1 and is followed by FIFA 11 at #2 and new entry World of Warcraft: Cataclysm at #3.

Donkey Kong Country Returns has done a little bit better than last week – it entered at #13 on launch and has now managed to swing up to #8. Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary has done the reverse though – it was at #22 but it’s now at #31. This may be because both Game and GameStation bumped the price up last week from £19.99 to £24.99.

In the single format charts, Tony Hawk SHRED flaps in at #34 in the Xbox 360 chart and #35 in the Wii chart while our friend Barbie enters the DS chart at #40. I wonder if our review helped?

Dec 06
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UK Charts

Never mind being bad, Michael Jackson: The Experience has had a good week – it’s up from #32 to #6. Poor old Epic Mickey can only wish for such luck – it still hasn’t managed to enter the top 40. Donkey Kong Country Returns swings in at #13 though while Super Mario All-Stars makes a chart appearance at #22.

Gran Turismo 5 has lost its #1 placing after just one week – it’s now at #4 with Call of Duty: Black Ops back on top followed by FIFA 11 at #2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood at #3.

Thanks to price cuts (it’s £19.99 this week at GameStation) Medal of Honor is back on the rise going from #25 to #14. Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows has done the opposite going from #15 to #27. If there was a decent game attached to the license I would imagine that it would knocking around the top 10 still. Learn this lesson for next time, EA.

Nov 08
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UK Charts

GoldenEye 007 hasn’t managed to make it into the top 10 chart this week, but don’t feel down because 007: Blood Stone hasn’t made the cut either. Instead they’re at #13 and #17 respectively. I think Activision themselves are partly to blame – what were they thinking launching them both just 4 days before the biggest game of the year? 007: Blood Stone hasn’t had much publicity either, while reviews for GoldenEye 007 were held back until the last minute even though it’s a very fine game.

But I digress – there’s a new #1 in the form of Football Manager 2011. FIFA 11 is at #2, Fable III at #3, Just Dance 2 at #4 and up three positions is Professor Layton and the Lost Future at #5. The X-Factor game is doing a little better than last week – it was at #37 but it’s now at #22. It’s also swings and roundabouts for Enslaved and Castlevania – Enslaved has risen from #34 to #30 while Castlevania has dropped from #18 to #40.

Blur has made a re-entry at #36 presumably as it has been reduced to due to £12.99 at Blockbuster and £12 at Tesco.

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