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Apr 20
By Adam Philbin In Blog 3 Comments

As is evidenced by the declining number of reviews I’ve written for this site over the past decade, I haven’t really been playing or writing about as many games as I’d like. Once or twice a year I go manic and indulge, usually every October (traditionally the month of big game releases and nostalgic birthday memories) and around a few other big game launches. It doesn’t bode well for consistent game reviews though.

So, having only just started playing Killzone 3, a mere two months behind the rest of the in crowd, I thought I’d instead write about the games I’ve been meaning to play for a while, but haven’t got around to yet, for whatever reason. Obviously my critical opinion on said games will be moderately worthless, but hey, I like making unordered lists!


MinecraftThe whole world is seemingly playing Minecraft. Initially made by a Swedish guy in his bedroom, over 800,000 people paid €9.95 to play the alpha version of the game. The final version hasn’t even been released yet, and already the alpha and beta versions have sold over 1,940,000 copies and made €23 million – talk about crafty development! Undeniably, Minecraft has been the biggest gaming success story in recent years, turning one bedroom coder into a multimillionaire almost literally overnight.

And yet, I still haven’t played it. I am that lazy. At one point I believe I even got my credit card out and went on to the Minecraft website, but decided against purchasing, in the belief that it would disrupt my workflow and project deadlines (which is fair enough really – World of Warcraft almost cost me a year of my degree).

From what I can tell, Minecraft is about exploring and building whatever you want, on a lego style island. Its simple, blocky graphics certainly have some charm, and clearly it must be pretty good based on all the success and praise. One day I’ll sit down and play it. If you haven’t already played it, you probably should.

Call of Duty: The Newest One

Call of Duty Black Ops or somethingAdmittedly, part of me doesn’t give a shit about the Call of Duty series anymore. Somehow, at some random point in time, Call of Duty went from being a dull wartime FPS game with numerous sequels, to the game industry’s annual mega hit. But you’re kind of obliged to play it, right?

I’m sure the latest one, errm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, is quite good. I guess I can expect it to contain plenty of shooting, dastardly conspiracies, and walking through linear alleys or jungles. I’ll probably pick it some day. Perhaps Activision would have sent me a review copy if I asked. Maybe I’ll get around to it before Call of Duty: Postmodernism 27 comes out.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3: New VegasWell, technically I got as far as installing this one and playing it for twenty minutes. Seeing as Fallout 3 was by far my favorite game of 2008, I feel a little disrespectful not giving New Vegas the time it truly deserves. A Fallout game requires at least a week of free time to truly experience and enjoy. Maybe I’ll get started with it on a long weekend. Alright, I’ll play with you soon Fallout, don’t worry.

All the new Yakuza games

Yakuza 4In this post-Dreamcast world we live in, Yakuza is about as close to a new Shenmue game as we’re likely to get anytime soon. It’s developed by Sega’s Amusement Vision, formerly Sega AM4, which is just two off Shenmue developers Sega AM2. Look past the Japanese gangster setting, and it almost is Shenmue.

I loved Yakuza on the PlayStation 2. It felt like the game version of a cheap Japanese gangster B-Movie, or almost exactly the type of game I’d think up. Unfortunately when I played the demo of Yakuza 3, it felt clunky, boring, and quite old fashioned. That put me off at the time. Still though, now that Yakuza 4 has finally got an English release, I probably should make the time to play it. I hear you can date hostess girls and play arcade games!

Anything on the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS and Japanese lady's faceFive is a fairly good number for lists, and as I can’t quite be bothered to write about ten games, this should round the list off nicely. Now, I don’t want to seem harsh, as I do keep meaning to do something about the 3DS, but at the same time, the 3DS is almost completely failing to interest me.

Perhaps it’s just the uninspiring launch line-up. Perhaps it’s the idea of cross-eyed migraines trying to experience the third dimension on a flat screen. I’m certainly curious, though simultaneously, not quite bothered. I’d liken the 3DS to limping badger – the concept has me interested, and the urge to go over and have a look is quite compelling, yet I wouldn’t really want to take one home.

At least it’s Easter this week. I might actually make some progress in Killzone 3.

Mar 11
By Matt Gander In Ten Years of GA No Comments

As part of 10 Years of Games Asylum, the site’s fine writers are each choosing one game to represent the last decade. Now it’s Matt’s turn.

Having to choose a ‘game of the decade’ was of course a colossal task. Shenmue II and Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic were both contenders but Fallout 3 beat them purely because the amount of time I spent walking Capital Wasteland is more than the amount of time spent in those two games together. That amount? A vast 70 hours.

The worrying thing, at least for me, is that those 70 hours were put into it in a very short time span. According to my 360, the first achievement I unlocked was on 20th November 2009 while the last was on 8th December. That’s an average of 4 hours a day for 18 days. Irk!

Although it features many staple RPG elements, from skill points to experience levels, it’s the least po-faced RPG I can think of. There’s a sense of humour throughout, from the town that’s been overrun by two people who are convinced that they’re superheroes to the weapons that you wield.

Things like the giant robotic fist and the railway spike gun – which makes a noise like a stream train – aren’t powerful enough to use as main weapons, but they’re fun enough to carry around in your arsenal to rough up some of the weaker enemies. The game world is constantly coherent too with plenty of diversions and distractions like random buildings and houses that just beg to be explored. Rummaging around dead people’s homes looking for items of interest is curiously addictive.

Set in Washington DC and its dusty barren outskirts, the city centre is a no-go area until you’re strong enough to take down the super mutants. Once you are in the city though the sights of Washington are yours to explore including the Washington Museum and the Lincoln Memorial, which has a mission involving finding Lincoln’s missing head. People are constantly asking for your help and advice – cue plenty of sub-quests – and the answers that you choose will determine your character. Soon word spreads of your good deeds over the airwaves, making your positive and kind moral choices pay off.

The five mission packs, which were released a month or two apart after the game’s release, are a little bit of a mixed bag. I haven’t found anybody yet who like Mothership Zeta – a mission to escape from a dull, corridor filled, spaceship – but there’s lots of love to be had for The Pitt and Point Lookout. The latter sees you becoming a slave for a steel mill and has some very strong moral choices to make while Point Lookout is set in a seaside resort. What’s interesting about Point Lookout is that it’s in an area that wasn’t hit by the nuclear bomb, so the backdrops are a lot greener and richer.

The Broken Steel add-on is a bit of a cheeky one – if you want to continue the story after finishing the main game then it’s an essential purchase, at an extra cost to you. Then there’s Operation: Anchorage, which is set in a virtual reality war simulation and thus plays more like a typical first person shooter. Each of these add-on packs has new weapons and enemies. Handily, you’re able to take the weapons back into the main quest. Mothership Zeta is filled with crystals worth a small fortune and a long list of high-powered plasma guns, so it’s often recommended – despite its dullness – to gamers who want to get ahead quickly.

Although I was well aware of Fallout 3’s glowing reviews upon release, I delayed playing it for a few months as I didn’t have enough spare time back then for the commitment that it requires. A similar thing is now happening between me and Fallout: New Vegas, only this time round I’m not scared of committing, but rather I’m waiting for Bethesda Game Studios to sort out the infamous bugs and glitches with a nice big patch. It’s a good job I haven’t decided to hold my breath, or I’d be looking like one of Fallout’s ghouls by now…

Nov 29
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

UK Charts

Reviews of Epic Mickey may not have been epic, but it hasn’t even sold well enough to get into the top 40 chart this week. The best it can do is #11 in the Wii chart. Maybe it’ll do a little bit better in America? Who knows.

There’s a new #1 though – Gran Turismo 5 has shoved Call of Duty: Black Ops from the top of the pile. Two games have re-entered the top 10 as well – Art Academy has somehow (and rather amazingly) risen from #27 to #8 while Fallout: New Vegas rises from #13 to #10.

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare proves that not everybody has access to DLC – it’s at #14 this week. Michael Jackson: The Experience moonwalks (too clichéd?) in at #32; Vanquish re-enters at #38.

Word of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II’s failings must be spreading – it has gone from #15 to #28. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is on the up though, going from #20 to #15.

Nov 01
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

UK Charts

With four new entries in the top 10 chart alone this week there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get cracking.

Fable III has managed to shove Fallout: New Vegas off the top, outselling Fable II by 6,000 copies during launch weekend. This makes it the third #1 for Microsoft this year. Last year they only managed one #1 (Halo 3: ODST).

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II goes in at #5 but I’d imagine it’ll drop quite heavily next week once word gets round about how poor it is. To quote one of NGamer Magazine’s writers on Twitter – “Man alive, The Force Unleashed 2 is a load of old shat”.

The better than you might expect Smackdown vs Raw 2011 smacks in in at #7 and the console ilteration of The Sims 3 goes in at #9. Coincidentally, the next new entry in the chart is The Sims 3: Late Night at #15. Then there’s Rock Band 3 at #26, which isn’t too great at all seeing that the likes of Eurogamer gave it 10/10, while The X-Factor gets a polite seated applause at #37.

Vote Wagner!

Oct 25
By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

UK Charts

Like Fallout 3 before it, which went straight to #1 back in 2008, Fallout: New Vegas has hit the jackpot for Bethesda and has also managed to outsell its predecessor on launch. Medal of Honor is now at #2, FIFA 11 at #3 and at #4 it’s a new entry for Professor Layton and the Lost Future. Sega’s Vanquish is the next new arrival at #12, followed by EA Sports MMA at #23. I thought MMA would do a little better than this seeing that UFC: Undisputed rode the chart high.

Both Enslaved and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow have had bad weeks – Enslaved has dropped from #11 to #31 while Castlevania drops from #10 to #20. That’s nothing though when compared to Naurto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 which has fallen all the way from #9 to #37.

Despite good reviews DJ Hero 2 has only managed a #25 placing. This, coupled with the fact that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock hasn’t sold anywhere near as well as the last few Guitar Hero games, suggests that music games are on their way out. If EA’s Rock Band 3 fails to sell well then that’ll pretty much confirm it.

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