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Sep 28
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If you follow the retro scene you must have heard of TecToy at some point. They’re the company who handled all things Sega in Brazil, not just publishing their games but also developing new ones and even managing to release a few unpublished games that Europe never saw.

Just about anything with TecToy on it sells for a handsome amount – like this copy of Buggy Run on Master System that went for £56 (6 bids) and this wireless Super Compact Master System which bagged £84 on a Buy It Now.

The Tectoy website is a source of fascination – they’ve recently released a Guitar Hero style-music game for the Mega Drive called Guitar Idol, while their latest iteration of the Master System is actually pretty darn sexy. Does it really need six-button joypads though?

From Master System, to GameGear. A brand new pale blue Japanese system – which comes with Ninkuu, a game based on an anime – sold for £132 (23 bids).

A boxed copy of Mortal Kombat 3, which was in fact a European exclusive, went for £70 due to its rarity. I hope the seller realises how bad a game it is – it plays like the developer made it during their lunch break.

The Game Gear was pretty bulky, but if for some reason you wanted to make it bigger there was a Handy Gear plastic case that offered extra protection for clumsy gamers. One of these sold for £17 (12 bids). A boxed bootleg cart also went for £50.51 (10 bids). The box claims it contains 68 games but chances are it only has 10 or so games repeated with different names. We took a look at the murky world of bootleg carts a few months ago.

A brand new Game Boy Advance fetched £102 (16 bids), but this was no ordinary GBA – it was a Boktai limited edition with a coffin shaped carry case. Very popular with emo collectors, we’d wager. Boktai, for the uninformed, was a very unique game from Konami which had a solar panel built into the cartridge. This had to be used to charge the main character’s weapon to destroy his vampire adversaries. A million times cooler than Twilight. The buyer could have even displayed his new purchase in this incredibly retro looking Nintendo display case, which sold for £75.89 (8 bids).

Speaking of vampires, the desirable Castlevania: Syphony of the Night continues to sell for a packet even though it has been on XBLA for some time. This one went for £108 (16 bids).

Meanwhile a full set of Namco Museum disks with a Namco joystick zapped £175 out of somebody. These didn’t review too well back in the day containing a mere five games on each disk but still retailing at almost full price. They’re popular with collectors though as the cases spell out NAMCO once lined up.

Nobody wanted this copy of One Piece: Grand Battle on PS1 for £100. If you’re wondering why that price is steep it’s because it was only released in Spain.

This 36” Spyro plush did sell though – for £149.99 on Buy It Now.

The One Piece Ultimate Cruise games on Wii are worth keeping an eye out for, selling at increasingly high amounts. The rare double pack containing both parts went for £70 while One Piece Ultimate Cruise Part 2 sold for £47.49 on its own. If you want to see how high your eyebrows can go, take a look at the prices on Amazon Marketplace.

Aug 31
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Loose copies of the lazily titled Sega Game Pack 4 in 1 on GameGear are just as easy to find as Sonic or Columns. Trying to find a boxed copy, however, is an incredibly tricky task as Sega produced only a small amount. When it does appear boxed on eBay bidding is always fierce – this copy ended up selling at almost £100 after 19 bids. Why is so hard to find boxed? I assume that because it was bundled as a loose cart with the GameGear, retailers were flooded with second hand copies – a la Altered Beast on Mega Drive – and so they didn’t bother ordering any boxed ones to stick on their shelves.

From Sega GameGear to Metal Gear Solid. One of the limited edition PlayStation Metal Gear Solid: Premium Pack boxsets went for £166 (25 bids) this month. Amazing, it sold for that amount even though it was missing both the T-shirt and dogtag. Somebody also bagged £137 (18 bids) for a promotional (read: review) copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 on PlayStation 2. A set of Metal Gear action figures ended at £99.99 (2 bids) too.

All of the above are nothing compared to a promotional “Metal Gear Solid 2 Sorter” which ended at $720 (£443.73) on a Buy It Now. This appears to be a Metal Gear Solid 2: Subsistance in fancy leather-style packaging, complete with a space for a memory card. The seller notes that it was a “price of a lottery”. I think he means lottery prize.

Incidentally, it would appear that people are selling their Zavvi-exclusive Metal Gear Solid Ultimate HD Collection pre-orders for vast amounts. By ‘vast’, I mean everything from £125 to £499.

Speaking of limited editions, a seller was able to bag £180 for a copy of the Crysis 2 Nano Suit Edition for Xbox 360. Anybody else amused that the backpack that comes with it is black and pink?

Over in the world of Nintendo, a limited edition Japanese Game Boy Advance with Mario and Luigi on the bezel ended at £43.55 (8 bids). That’s around four times the going rate for a standard Game Boy Advance. A copy of the rare shoot ’em up Syvalion on SNES ended at £450 on BIN while a boxed copy of Final Fight 3 sold for £699 also on a BIN auction. It would appear though that they’ve relisted it after it sold. Hmm. More reassuring is this copy of Mega Man X2 that ended at £250 (30 bids). Almost selling for that amount was this sealed copy of Mario Sunshine on GameCube that ended at £211 (21 bids).

Then on PlayStation a factory sealed copy of Resident Evil 2 shook £75 (16 bids) out of somebody while a sealed copy of Grandia went for £70 despite being the budget version. Unsurprisingly, nobody wanted this sealed copy of Hogs of War for £70.

Jul 27
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You can’t get any rarer than something that’s one of a kind. With this in mind, I’m surprised that there aren’t more people out there customising their consoles. There’s certainly a demand for them on eBay – a NES-style custom GBA SP went for £51 (14 bids) earlier this month. You have to wonder though why they didn’t just buy the official Nintendo NES edition GBA SP.

Not every unique console is desirable though – if you don’t do a very good job on it then it’ll end up selling for peanuts, like this horrifically butchered GameGear which sold for £3.20. That’s less than what normal GameGears usually sell for. Then there’s this Xbox 360 fitted with blue LEDs and plexiglass that sold for a mere £41 (7 bids).

Coloured GameGears are pretty uncommon full stop. The UK never received any other colour other than black while the US only received black and blue ‘Gears. Japan was another story with Sega’s 8-bit semi-hit available in half the rainbow. The white GameGear and Cola-Cola branded red GameGear are the most desirable. I’d say that after those two comes the yellow GameGear, one of which bagged a German seller 112 Euros (£98.86). As mentioned several times on Games Asylum, there are more than a few GameGear games worth a pretty penny about, like the uber rare Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle. A loose copy went for £48.99 (13 bids). This is one of the first games Eurocom (of GoldenEye on Wii fame) ever developed and, well, it certainly looks and plays like somebody’s first attempt at making a game.

Last month we reported that the Zelda edition GBA SP had shot up in value. There’s no sign of that price dropping just yet – one sold for £190 via best offer. Another went for £77 (8 bids). I assume that when the seller describes it as being in “good condition” he was talking about the handheld rather than the box it comes in. Also of note is this GBA SP bundle that ended at an incredibly high £82.80 (10 bids). It was unboxed and half the games were trashy kid’s titles. It did though come with a fair few Pokemon games. Or perhaps somebody was desperately after the Mega Man game?

Speaking of the blue hued bloke, a copy of Mega Man – The Wily Wars on Mega Drive ended at £210 (20 bids). It may not please the fashion police but a Sonic 2 jacket – supposedly only given away to Sega employees – broke the £200 barrier too attracting 15 bids.

On the flipside, here’s a bargain – a bundle of 98 new and sealed Japanese Dreamcast games that sold for only $309 (£189). Who can spot Pen Pen Triceleon in that photo? I’m still amazed it kept that name when it was released in the west. You would have thought that the publisher would have changed the name to Crazy Animal Racing or something similar.

The seller of this PS1 three game bundle must have known that Konami’s Azure Dreams is rare as he started the auction off at £70. Only one person bid. A Crash Bandicoot soft toy fetched a fair old whack too – £55 via best offer. I’m pretty sure I saw those as prizes on Brighton pier once.

I’m not sure why the following always sells for a bit on both PS1 and Sega Saturn, but a copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy on the latter punched £46 out of somebody after 17 bids. And what better way to play it than on a proper arcade joystick, like this Namco branded one which sold for £41 (8 bids).

Jun 29
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Loose copies of Taito’s Little Samson on NES can fetch up to £100 due to its rarity. You’d think that a complete copy would only fetch a little more, but not so – this new and sealed copy netted a US seller $5,500.00 (£3,444.39) after 29 bids. What is it with Americans paying stupid amounts of money for NES games? Still, $5,500 is nothing compared to what that infamous copy of Stadium Events sold for.

One lucky seller is also ending this month a whole lot richer after selling two new and sealed Nintendo Game & Watch LCD handhelds. Octopus sold for £2,999 on Buy it Now while a panorama view Mickey Mouse went for £2,000 on a Best Offer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a taking the Mickey to charge £10 postage on top of those prices. Just to confirm its actual worth, another complete Mickey Mouse recently sold at $999.00 (£625.63) with one bid.

Because Sega released Sonic & Knuckles in a cardboard case it can be hard to find a boxed copy. And when they do turn up boxed it’s usually in bad condition. Not this French copy that sold for €511.56 though (£453.80) – it’s new and sealed in a blister pack. He also got €121.00 (£107.34) for a copy of Sonic 3 in similar packaging. Blister packed games are common in France. They were often used as it allowed toy shops, supermarkets and the like to display and sell games without fear of the contents being stolen or damaged.

Seeing as it’s Sonic’s 20th this month, here are a few other hedgehog related items. A Brazilian TecToy release of Sonic Spinball on Master System spun £49.99 out of somebody on Buy It Now, this Tomy Sonic Pinball game went for £29.99 while somebody thought £41.37 was a fair price to pay for a Sonic costume. Gosh!

With The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D riding high in the charts now is as good as time as any to give Link some loving too. A signed copy of Ocarina of Time on N64 went for £155 (13 bids). Obviously it was signed by Shigeru Miyamoto, and not the seller’s mum. A Zelda Game & Watch also netted £205 (8 bids), and proving that there are a lot of mugs out there a Zelda edition Game Boy Advance SP sold for £200 on Buy It Now. That said, another went for £109.99.

There hasn’t been much of note going on in the world of PlayStation collecting – apart from a sealed fishing game selling for an absurd $90.00 (£56.36) – so we’re going to have to turn to the obscure stuff.

How’s about this? A development copy of Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy on Atari Jaguar which ended at $75.00 (£46.97). The seller was unable to find buyers for his 8 other development cartridges though. Random fact: Trevor McFur made up 50% of the Atari Jaguar’s US launch line-up. The other 50% was the pack-in game Cybermorph.

Then on NEOGEO copies of Super Sidekicks 4, World Heroes Perfect and the brilliantly named Bang Bang Busters sold for £887.08, £637.90 and £520.00 respectably.

The NEOGEO – the only console that you have to sell a kidney to be able to buy new games for.

May 25
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After finding a boxed Game Boy Color in a charity shop for £2 earlier this month, most of my searches on eBay have been Game Boy related. As such, you can probably guess what format I’m going to kick off this month’s eBay round-up with.

Despite being in abundance, the Pokemon games are still quite desirable. Even more so if they’re boxed and sealed. This copy of Pokemon Yellow went for £142.99 (17 bids), while a sealed Pokemon Blue sold for £137.99 (31 bids). A nice looking Famtisu Game Boy – which comes attached to a rather flimsy looking piece of cardboard rather than in a box – failed to find a seller at £169.99, but this boxed original Game Boy fetched £92 after 20 bids. The seller still had the plastic bags for the handheld and the rest of its gubbins.

A Sega GameGear managed to sell for even more than that – this rare and fully reconditioned white GameGear went for £149.99. Bidding wasn’t fierce though – it only attracted one lone soul. Proving that the Atari Lynx is rather underloved is this factory sealed Lynx which sold for a mere £31.99. That’s not far off the value of some of the rarest games for it, such as Lemmings – a copy of which sold for £24 (8 bids) – and Desert Strike, which ended at £20.13 (4 bids).

One format that has always been popular with collectors is the Sega Saturn. A review copy of Resident Evil sold for an absurd £205 (13 bids), while the rare PAL version of Street Fighter Collection managed to dragon punch £107 out of somebody’s wallet. Or PayPal account. Despite being announced for Xbox Live Arcade, or possibly because it has just been announced, Guardian Heroes seems to be selling for more than ever with this copy hitting £77 (11 bids). I don’t recall Sega’s Mr. Bones being very good which is probably why it’s now rare – a UK version went for £102 (12 bids). Lord knows why it’s on 2 CDs – it was just a shoddy 2D platformer. Lastly, a copy of Deep Fear – the final UK Saturn game – sold for £96.20 (12 bids).

A couple of sealed PlayStation games have also fetched high sums this month, like this copy of Digimon World that went for £67 (21 bids), and this copy of Parasite Eve 2 which sold for £54.99 (9 bids). Then there’s this copy of Ocean’s Cool World on SNES which bagged the seller £95 despite being a loose cart only, and this sealed copy of Duke Nukem 64 for, well, you can guess, which ended at £67.50 (8 bids). That’s probably not far off from the price it originally cost.

We’ll end on a modern note with two limited edition Xbox 360 consoles. A Halo 3: ODST system bagged a lucky American $821.79 (approximately £507.43), while a system given away during the Xbox 360’s launch party went for $700.00 (approximately £432.23). I have to say I quite like the two tone controller with the latter.

Apr 27
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The humble GameGear has gained more than a little attention on these hallowed pages this month. First we covered the fact that Sega are re-releasing their 8-bit hits on the 3DS’s virtual console, and then we chose the uber obscure Kuni-Chan’s Game Paradise for our monthly retro feature. I see no harm in continuing the theme to kick off this month’s eBay trawl. It’s not as if the GameGear is a popular topic for discussion, is it?

For collectors of the GameGear there are quite a few games to look out for, many of which were never released outside of Japan. A seller listed more than a few of these elusive titles on eBay this month which created something of a bidding frenzy.

Sublime shoot ’em up GG Aleste went for £82 (31 bids), late release Godzilla for £50 (4 bids), scrolling Anime-shooter Fray for £78.79 (11 bids) and the little known Panzer Dragoon Mini for £33.23 (7 bids). Despite both being pretty terrible, a copy of Tails Sky Patrol sold for £30.99 while G Sonic (aka Sonic Blast) blasted £62.00 out of somebody’s wallet, after 9 bids. Zool and In the Wake of the Vampire (aka Masters of Darkeness – a nice little Castlevania clone) were both released in Europe but the Japanese versions are quite rare as their ending prices show: Zool went for £51.99 (5 bids) while In the Wake of the Vampire ended at £30.99 (9 bids). Anything else? How about this copy of Operation Star5ish – the third and final part of the James Pond series – that sold for £24.54 (10 bids), and this very dubious boxed bootleg cart which went for £93.23.

From Sega, over to Sony. Xperia Play phones have been selling for between £350 and £450. This one even managed to get 31 bids. Perhaps there’s a bigger demand for them than anybody would believe? Or maybe people just really, really, really want to play Crash Bandicoot while on the move? Another PlayStation-related item shifting for a high amount was this Japanese copy of Zanac X Zanac which sold for £149.99 on a Buy It Now auction. An auction containing Suidoken I and II went for £150 on Buy It Now too, and just to prove their worth here’s a copy of Suidoken II which went for £102 on its lonesome, attracting 18 bids. The Suidoken games have always fetched a lot of cash, so these high amounts shouldn’t surprise that much. So here’s something that will: a copy of TinTin: Objective Adventure went ended at £68 after 10 bids.

Although Namco’s lovely RPG Tales of Vesperia is now available to download on the Xbox Live Games on Demand service it’s still selling for astronomically high amounts – this sealed copy sold for £90 while this one went for £59 with 21 bids. Maybe the bidders have no access to an internet connection whatsoever? That said, it is always nice to have a box and manual to look at.

Fans of boxes and boxart will like this Nintendo 64DD package which contained all the games released for it including Doshin the Giant and Sim City 64. It went for an impressive £557 after 29 bids. Also of note is this Nintendo 64 development system which fetched £170. “I had to put the other keywords in like Bung and Doctor as searching on eBay for just CD64 bought up some photos of a “curvy” woman in her underwear as the first result (seriously!),” said the seller. Oh really? A sealed copy of Chameleon Twist 2 on N64 also sold for £122 after 5 bids.

Not wanting to forget the retro formats that aren’t from Sega or Nintendo, this rare Atari STBook laptop went for an eyebrow-raising £989 attracting 18 bidders. The seller says that less than a hundred now exist, although I personally always take things like that with a pinch of salt. I mean, has he actually phoned everybody in the world to ask if they have one? Almost as impressive is this Commodore 64 Game System (C64GS) which went for £304.99. Can you believe that Commodore thought they could take on Sega and Nintendo with this? It was rather generous of Commodore to include a cart containing four rather good games with it, though.

Feb 23
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Every month we trawl eBay’s completed listings to find stuff of interest that has sold for vast sums. Why? Because the voices told us to.

What would you do with 192 copies of This is Football on PlayStation 1? Apart from using them to play a giant game of Jenga, I can’t think of any ideas. The game buying public must have also struggled to think of a use – this auction for 449 PlayStation 1 games, including 192 copies of aforementioned soccer sim – failed to find a buyer. Somebody did think they’d be able to find a use for 65 boxed Smackdown 2 PS1 memory cards though, as a bulk bundle of these ended at £79.77 with 7 bids. In the PlayStation 2 auctions meanwhile a sealed copy of Metal Gear Solid 2 gained a lot of attention and ended up selling for £81.18. They could have brought 81 used copies for that price.

I would seem that Namco’s Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 is worth keeping an eye out for – copies have been selling for over £50 recently, including this one that went for £52 with 13 bids. And how about a swanky limited edition Xbox 360 to play it on? This limited edition South Park Xbox 360 Elite went for £720 with 2 bids. Apparently only 5 were made. Slightly less rare but still desirable was this Gorillaz Xbox 360 faceplate from the UK Xbox 360 launch which sold for £40 with 5 bids.

Over in the world of Nintendo, Conker’s BFD continues to be a steady seller. I don’t think it has dropped in value since it was released with copies continuing to sell for around £50-£60. Also selling for a similar figure is Konami’s Hyperboy accessory for the original Game Boy, which turns it into a table top console complete with a mini joystick. Just to show that it wasn’t a one off, another one sold for £46.22 recently as well attracting 3 bidders. Somebody else thought it was better to have a Game Boy on their wrist rather than their table – this new Watch Boy LCD wrist watch sold for £34.99 on a Buy It Now. Looks like the seller has a few of these up for grabs. Lastly, a copy of Resident Evil Gaiden on Game Boy Color went for £36 after 15 bids.

Time now for Sega stuff. Even though the seller got the name ever so slightly incorrect, this auction for ‘Shining Force 111’ ended at a nice £75.11 after 26 bids. Also fetching a tidy sum on Saturn this month were Keio Flying Squadron 2 for £55 with 2 bids, and Dragon Force for the same amount with 24 bids. The price of boxed Sega Saturns appears to be on the rise – a few PAL models approached £100 this month.

A couple of GameGear games sold for eyebrow raising amounts recently too. A copy of rare but rubbish Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle sold for an incredible £311 while the Japan-only 3D shooter Faceball 2000 sold for £56. I bet that made the seller happier than the smiley face on the boxart.

Jan 26
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Every month we trawl eBay’s completed listings to find stuff of interest that has sold for vast sums. Why? Nobody knows the answer to that, man.

Even though Christmas was only a month ago, somebody still managed to find $2,425 (£1,516) to bag a complete set of American Dreamcast games. For their cash they got all 254 releases, 44 of which were still sealed. That works out to about £6 a game… which isn’t bad at all.

Sticking with Sega, a brand new Master System 2 sold for £349.95 on a Buy It Now auction – which is over four times its original value – while a Ryo Hazuki figure went for $203.50 (£127.26) after 22 bids. I think that’s proof, if any more is needed, that there are plenty of Shenmue fans out there.

That Dreamcast collection sold for a mere pittance compared to the colossal $22,800 (£14,258) that a sealed copy of the infamously rare Family Fitness Stadium on NES ended at. Only 200 copies are thought to have been released back in 1987 due to a mass recall. Last year a copy sold for $41,000, which is thought to be the highest price a videogame has ever sold for.

I bet many people regret giving away their Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds as many of these are worth a small fortune now. One particularly desirable model is catchily named YM-901 which was only available as a prize in Japan. One of these sold for £500 with just a single bid while a boxed Snoopy Game & Watch also sold for $400 (£250) attracting 32 bidders.

After sifting through the 20 pages of high-value PlayStation listings I finally found something that wasn’t a PlayStation 3 bundle – a sealed copy of Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance that sold for £99. A copy of the Cave shooter Ibara sold for £90 while one lucky seller got $125 (£78.18) for a factory sealed copy of Mortal Kombat 4 on PSone. I bet that looks nice on the new owner’s shelf.

THQ recently announced that they have the rights to He-Man: Masters of the Universe but I doubt that’s why a sealed copy of The Power of He-Man on Atari 2600 sold for $61.01 (£38.15). A sealed copy of Rayman on Atari Jaguar sold at €56.01 (£47.58) and somebody got their claws into Hyper Force on Jaguar at a cost of €52 (£44.18).

Getting out of the realms of retro, a rather attractive limited edition Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 went for £2,000. This IGN competition prize was custom painted by Rockstar and had a certificate to prove it. Nobody wanted a yellow Simpsons Movie Xbox 360 for £800 though. Apparently there are only 100 of these around, so that’s a little surprising.

Might as well have a laugh while we’re here – somebody wanted $10,000 for a copy of Kane & Lynch 2 on PlayStation 3. Joke is on them, really, seeing they’ll have to pay eBay for that listing. Derp!

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