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Jan 31
By Matt Gander In New Nintendo Downloads No Comments

Of the 35 new releases hitting the Switch this week, two stand out from the crowd – Wargroove and Downwell. Not only have they gained some surprisingly high review scores, but they’re also generating a buzz on social media too.

Wargroove – Chucklefish’s amalgam of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars – is out on PC and Xbox One as well this week, but Switch version is gaining the highest scores, seemingly suiting the system perfectly.

God is Geek dished out a 9.5, while GameInformer opted for a similar score – 9.25. Destructoid went with a 9/10, meanwhile. In short: it’s an essential purchase for turn-based strategy fans, even packing multiplayer for up to four players, both online and local.

In an ideal world Downwell would’ve launched on Switch, as it too is a perfect fit for a system. Better late than never, it has arrived casually late. This inexpensive (£2.69) vertical platformer has a Metacritic of 88%, with no review scores below 8/10 currently. “Its roguelike structure and twitch platforming might not be for everyone, but you should really give it a chance. For our money, it’s a modern classic that should be in everyone’s collection,” said Nintendo Life.

Then we have Bombfest, a local-only party game in which wooden characters lob bombs at one another in an attempt to be the last one standing. The Indie Game Website found the lack of content a concern, but still deemed it worthy of a 7/10.

Tangledeep – a 16-bit style roguelike – was described as both “modern” and “slick” by Screen Rant, ultimately resulting in a 4/5. “Beyond the graphics themselves, the game presents an intriguing combination of charming writing and flavor text, with an above-average script full of amusing dialogue and an evolving town of characters to investigate and chat with,” they said.

The Switch also gets New Star Manager, with scored an impressive 8/10 from Nintendo Life. “It’s not at its absolute best on Switch, but New Star Manager still provides the deeply tactile Yang to Football Manager 2019 Touch’s stat-heavy Ying. It plays a more intuitive and portable game of tactical footy than its illustrious rival, and it also packs a lot more depth than its basic presentation might suggest,” was their conclusion.

Before we rattle off the full line-up of new releases, it’s worth mentioning that a ‘Weird and Wonderful’ sale is currently underway, including Snake Pass, Slime-San, World of Goo, Flame in the Flood, Pool Panic and a dozen others. Pool Panic gets our recommendation, especially at a mere £3.73.

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May 25
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It’s fair to say people held off buying DOOM on launch day due to the lack of reviews. The open beta didn’t entirely fill gamers with confidence either. Overwatch is another that didn’t receive pre-launch reviews, yet that seemingly didn’t stop gamers from coughing up cash beforehand.

The difference? Overwatch’s open beta was met with overwhelming positivity, leaving the vast majority that played it gasping for more. It also helps that Blizzard has a sterling track record, of course. We wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s a million seller already.


Review scores for the heavily stylised team-based shooter are starting to trickle through now, including a perfect 10/10s from both GameInformer and Destructoid and 5/5 from The Escapist.

“It’s very clear that Blizzard has put in a herculean effort into polishing Overwatch, making sure that it feels great to play, has basically no bugs or glitches, and has a solid amount of content” said the The Escapist. “If you yearn for the days of old-school Team Fortress 2, where the game was tight, lightweight, and balanced, then Overwatch is for you” they continued.


While Overwatch arrives to much fanfare and celebration, TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan is slipping out on the sly. Out of the shadows, if you will. All signs point to Activision pushing this one out the door pronto to cash-in with the imminent TMNT movie. Oddly, it hit the digital services on Tuesday; the retail release isn’t due until Friday. This strikes us as a cheeky way to squeeze a bit of cash out of hardcore TMNT fans before reviews go live.

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