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Mar 01
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Ladies and gents, it’s a record-breaking week for new eShop releases on the Switch – 23 titles in total, varying from (reasonably) big name titles to arcade re-releases. There’s definitely some shovelware in there, though, including a slightly worrying amount of card games.

Outlast: Bundle of Terror (£19.99) has arrived to mild celebration, taking many gamers by surprise as it had no confirmed release date. The pack includes Outlast and its Whistleblower prequel. Outlast 2 is also heading to Switch, incidentally, with a rough ETA of summer.

Reviews of Bridge Constructor Portal (£13.49) are just starting to surface. Sadly, it isn’t good news – GameSpot reports of a game breaking bug and more than a few shortcomings. “This game falls short in just about every area; an amusing story or eye-catching visual design could have at least distracted from the dull puzzles, but you get no reprieve here,” they said.

Detention (£9.49) – a 2D horror side-scroller set in 1960’s Taiwan – is faring better with critics, with the PC version sitting pretty with an 83% Metacritic. 2D platformer Little Triangle (£11.69), which recently hit Xbox One, has arrived to a decent reception too, with no reviews currently below 70%.

Then we have Mike Bithel’s Subsurface Circular (£4.79), a “single-session story which respects your time and your intelligence”.

“It’s a lovely little game, the fine work of a developer whose main skill differential is neither coding, art nor level design, but good old-fashioned storytelling,” was Polygon’s verdict.

The Final Station (£13.49) is another some will be familiar with, first hitting the PC back in 2016. It’s a single player side-scrolling shooter set in a dying world, which entails protecting survivors as they travel by train, exploring stations as you go. It gets our recommendation.

Anything else of note? Well, Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo makes the jump from PS Vita. It’s a tactical hack and slasher with an appealing art direction. Reviews mostly clocked in at 6/10.

The Trail: Frontier Challenge (£11.99) comes from Peter Molyneux studio 22Cans, meanwhile. Explore, collect, craft and trade while making your merry way to Eden Falls, stopping at camps along the way. The PC version has a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam, suggesting its well worth a look. A Peter Molyneux game arriving without any wildly ambitious claims? Now there’s a thing.

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