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Sep 10
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Excelsior! With Spider-Man under Sony’s wing, the web-swinger has managed to achieve things Activision couldn’t. Not only is it the fastest selling Spider-Man game ever, but also the fastest selling Marvel game of all-time.

Chart-Track also notes that it had the biggest launch – in terms of individual format sales – since the PS4 version of Call of Duty: WWII. Reading between the lines, this means it had an even stronger launch than God of War. Now that’s amazing.

Despite a somewhat muted launch, Dragon Quest XI is off to a good start too, taking #2 in both the all-formats top 40 and the PS4 chart.

Destiny 2: Forsaken made #8, meanwhile. The individual format chart reveals sales between the PS4 and Xbox One versions were close.

That’s it for new releases this week, although Punch Line did manage to top the PS Vita top ten while SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy entered at bottom position (#20) in the Switch chart.

Rewinding back to the all-formats top ten, GTA V held onto #3 while F1 2018 dropped from the top spot to take #4.

Crash Bandicoot fell one place to #5, PES 2019 dropped to #6 during its second week on sale, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is at #7, PUBG fell to #9 – despite leaving early access last week – while LEGO The Incredibles re-entered the top ten at #10.

Sep 25
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This week’s UK chart includes a couple of surprises. Firstly though, here’s something that doesn’t come as a shock – Destiny 2 sits astride the UK top 40 for the third week running.

This means Activision has spent 11 weeks at no.1 in total, split across a trio of titles – Destiny 2, Crash Bandicoot, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

With the almighty FIFA 18 out Friday, chances are Destiny 2 won’t take the top spot for a fourth week.

Project Cars 2 put in a strong showing, arriving at #2. The original took no.1 on release, with 35% of its lifetime sales generated on day one. While it’s reasonable to assume Slightly Mad Studios hasn’t been as fortunate second time around, debuting at #2 is still something to be proud of.

Nintendo’s Pokkén Tournament DX made #5. More surprisingly, Pokémon Gold and Silver both managed to make top 40 appearances, with the code-in-a-box retail releases taking #18 and #21. Eurogamer notes that if sales were combined, they would have entered the top ten. Not bad going at all.

Capcom’s Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite had to settle for #12. We imagine Capcom had it pegged for the top five, at the very least. The fighter has been up against a fan backlash, due to ugly art direction and a slim character roster.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Metroid: Samus Returns both depart the top ten on their second week of release meanwhile, falling to #6 and (scrolls down…) #35. Poor Samus.

On the other hand, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is enjoying a resurgence – it’s up from #33 to #13 this week thanks to supermarket price promotions.

Sep 18
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Destiny 2 managed to fend off all newcomers, holding the UK chart’s top spot for a second week running. No surprise there, really – Bungie’s sci-fi opus is still the talk of the town.

The fact that NBA 2K18 outperformed PES 2018 does come as a surprise, however.

Take 2’s sports sim had the biggest ever UK launch for a basketball game, and its chart position (#2) is also the franchise’s highest so far.

Konami’s PES 2018 had to settle for #3, with a sales difference of 1.5k copies.

The budget-priced Dishonored: Death of the Outsider made #6. Its arrival seems to have had a knock-on-effect on Dishonored 2, which fell from #6 to #20 this week.

The well-received Metroid: Samus Returns rolled in at #8, while also claiming no.1 in the 3DS chart.

Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on Switch narrowly missed a top ten placing meanwhile, debuting at #11.

Finally for this week’s new arrivals, NHL 18 turned up at #23. This means it was a no-show for EA’s NBA Live 18. It even failed to break the individual format top 20s.

As for the whereabouts of recent releases, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is now at #14, Knack II plummeted to #25 on its second week of release, while Monster Hunter Stories on 3DS fell sixteen places to #37.

Sep 11
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Coming as a surprise to absolutely nobody, Destiny 2 is the UK’s new no.1. It had the biggest launch of 2017 so far, beating previous record holders Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

There’s a slight sting in this tale, however. Physical sales were down an estimated 58% over the original Destiny, which launched three years ago. According to leaked figures, D1 sold 417k copies at launch whereas D2’s week one sales were 175k.

There are a few explanations for this shortfall. Firstly, digital sales aren’t included in the UK chart – it’s likely digital pre-orders far exceeded that of the original, with many eager to play the moment servers went live.

Secondly, the PC version isn’t due out until next month. And thirdly, the original Destiny launched on a Tuesday, giving it an extra day to generate sales.

We’d wager that some gamers have simply chosen to wait for a ‘complete edition’ instead, due to the franchises’ DLC oriented nature. The lack of pre-launch reviews may have also had an impact.

Despite all this, Destiny 2’s launch shouldn’t be marked down as a failure – Bungie reported 1.2m players were online concurrently over the weekend. US sales are yet to be revealed too, which could show an all-together different story.

The UK top 40 saw a few other new entries this week. Sony’s Knack II made #12, Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories arrived at #21 – while also topping the 3DS chart – and the Switch’s Binding of Issac: Afterbirth debuted at #36.

As for other occurrences of note, ARK: Survival Evolved and Everybody’s Golf have both left the top ten after just one week on sale, while Yakuza Kiwami has left the top 40 entirely. It won’t be long until Agents of Mayhem suffers the same fate – Deep Silver’s colourful shooter is currently clinging in at #39. Only a sub-£20 price drop can save it now.

Sep 06
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Plenty of jokes have already been made about Sony’s decision to launch Knack 2 on the same day as Destiny 2, one of the most anticipated games of the year. While Sony’s timing is open to scrutiny – few new releases are out this week, seemingly because of Destiny 2 – it’s unlikely to harm Knack 2’s sales overall.

Not only has this unexpected sequel gained some surprisingly high review scores – including an 8.5 from God is a Geek and an 8.25 from Game Informer – but it’s aimed at a different demographic to Destiny. It may even manage to break the UK top five next week – Sony is on a roll with their PS4 exclusives currently, as seen with last week’s Everybody’s Golf.

So, Destiny 2. We were expected to see a handful of reviews on launch day, but the actual number was a big fat zero – servers didn’t go live until a few hours before launch. This lack of reviews isn’t too concerning – initial impressions are mostly positive. It apparently feels much more MMO-like than its predecessor, and it’s also a contender for one of this generation’s best looking – and best sounding – games. Eurogamer has their review planned for next week, and you can expect other outlets to follow suit. Some sites may even wait until the first raid goes live.

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