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Aug 29
By Matt Gander In Blog 1 Comment

The recently announced Call of Duty Gunnar sunglasses strike us as a very bizarre piece of merchandise. Do hardcore Call of Duty players even go outside that often? Even more bizarre is the Call of Duty Jeep Wrangler – last time we played CoD the microphone chatter was akin to how a classroom sounds before the teacher enters the room and tells the class to shut up.

Sad, but true.

Here are ten videogame related merchandise that we’ll (hopefully) never see:

  • Gears of War pregnancy testing kit
  • Knuckles knuckle dusters
  • Need for Speed highway code book
  • Grand Theft Auto baseball bat
  • Halo teething ring
  • Rayman armbands
  • Splatterhouse diapers
  • Duke Nukem female hygiene products
  • Spyro sponsored football shirts…
  • …or indeed anything with Spyro’s stupid face on
  • Apr 20
    By Adam Philbin In Blog 3 Comments

    As is evidenced by the declining number of reviews I’ve written for this site over the past decade, I haven’t really been playing or writing about as many games as I’d like. Once or twice a year I go manic and indulge, usually every October (traditionally the month of big game releases and nostalgic birthday memories) and around a few other big game launches. It doesn’t bode well for consistent game reviews though.

    So, having only just started playing Killzone 3, a mere two months behind the rest of the in crowd, I thought I’d instead write about the games I’ve been meaning to play for a while, but haven’t got around to yet, for whatever reason. Obviously my critical opinion on said games will be moderately worthless, but hey, I like making unordered lists!


    MinecraftThe whole world is seemingly playing Minecraft. Initially made by a Swedish guy in his bedroom, over 800,000 people paid €9.95 to play the alpha version of the game. The final version hasn’t even been released yet, and already the alpha and beta versions have sold over 1,940,000 copies and made €23 million – talk about crafty development! Undeniably, Minecraft has been the biggest gaming success story in recent years, turning one bedroom coder into a multimillionaire almost literally overnight.

    And yet, I still haven’t played it. I am that lazy. At one point I believe I even got my credit card out and went on to the Minecraft website, but decided against purchasing, in the belief that it would disrupt my workflow and project deadlines (which is fair enough really – World of Warcraft almost cost me a year of my degree).

    From what I can tell, Minecraft is about exploring and building whatever you want, on a lego style island. Its simple, blocky graphics certainly have some charm, and clearly it must be pretty good based on all the success and praise. One day I’ll sit down and play it. If you haven’t already played it, you probably should.

    Call of Duty: The Newest One

    Call of Duty Black Ops or somethingAdmittedly, part of me doesn’t give a shit about the Call of Duty series anymore. Somehow, at some random point in time, Call of Duty went from being a dull wartime FPS game with numerous sequels, to the game industry’s annual mega hit. But you’re kind of obliged to play it, right?

    I’m sure the latest one, errm, Call of Duty: Black Ops, is quite good. I guess I can expect it to contain plenty of shooting, dastardly conspiracies, and walking through linear alleys or jungles. I’ll probably pick it some day. Perhaps Activision would have sent me a review copy if I asked. Maybe I’ll get around to it before Call of Duty: Postmodernism 27 comes out.

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Fallout 3: New VegasWell, technically I got as far as installing this one and playing it for twenty minutes. Seeing as Fallout 3 was by far my favorite game of 2008, I feel a little disrespectful not giving New Vegas the time it truly deserves. A Fallout game requires at least a week of free time to truly experience and enjoy. Maybe I’ll get started with it on a long weekend. Alright, I’ll play with you soon Fallout, don’t worry.

    All the new Yakuza games

    Yakuza 4In this post-Dreamcast world we live in, Yakuza is about as close to a new Shenmue game as we’re likely to get anytime soon. It’s developed by Sega’s Amusement Vision, formerly Sega AM4, which is just two off Shenmue developers Sega AM2. Look past the Japanese gangster setting, and it almost is Shenmue.

    I loved Yakuza on the PlayStation 2. It felt like the game version of a cheap Japanese gangster B-Movie, or almost exactly the type of game I’d think up. Unfortunately when I played the demo of Yakuza 3, it felt clunky, boring, and quite old fashioned. That put me off at the time. Still though, now that Yakuza 4 has finally got an English release, I probably should make the time to play it. I hear you can date hostess girls and play arcade games!

    Anything on the Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo 3DS and Japanese lady's faceFive is a fairly good number for lists, and as I can’t quite be bothered to write about ten games, this should round the list off nicely. Now, I don’t want to seem harsh, as I do keep meaning to do something about the 3DS, but at the same time, the 3DS is almost completely failing to interest me.

    Perhaps it’s just the uninspiring launch line-up. Perhaps it’s the idea of cross-eyed migraines trying to experience the third dimension on a flat screen. I’m certainly curious, though simultaneously, not quite bothered. I’d liken the 3DS to limping badger – the concept has me interested, and the urge to go over and have a look is quite compelling, yet I wouldn’t really want to take one home.

    At least it’s Easter this week. I might actually make some progress in Killzone 3.

    Mar 21
    By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

    Chart Track are bursting with statistics this week. To wit – Homefront has become THQ’s first #1 since UFC: Undisputed in 2009 with an astounding 70% of copies sold on Xbox 360. Kaos Studio’s last game – Frontlines: Fuel of War – managed to get to #4 in the chart in 2008; already Homefront has shifted 82% of what Frontlines ever managed to. I think that pretty much guarantees us a sequel.

    The stats don’t end there. At #4 there’s Sega’s Shogun 2: Total War, of which 80% of all copies sold last week were brought within the first 24 hours of release. There has been 11 long years since the first game and the sequel – is that some type of record?

    Last week’s #1 Dragon Age II now drops to #2 while Call of Duty: Black Ops finally leaves the top 10 dropping from #9 to #12.

    Then at #13 there’s Top Spin 4, which has entered the chart one place lower than the last Top Spin. The same has also happened to the PlayStation 3-exclusive Yakuza 4, which enters at #25 whereas Yakuza 3 went straight in at #24. Spooky!

    Jan 31
    By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

    So far this year we’ve had a new #1 every week. Last week it was LittleBigPlanet 2; this week it’s Dead Space 2. The original only managed to get to #6 in the chart, so well done EA. I think this proves that games can sell well even in the dark and depressing month of January.

    Art Academy – which made the list of top 5 best selling DS games of 2010 – is back in the top 10 at #9 up from #15. Kinect Sports drops from #8 to #12 while Call of Duty: Black Ops is now at #5 – the “lowest” it has ever been in the chart. I dare say it’ll rise again though.

    DC Universe Online has left the top 40 already and there’s still no sign of Square-Enix’s Mindjack in any of the charts despite there plenty of copies on the shelves.

    Jan 27
    By Adam Philbin In Blog 14 Comments

    Jeremy Clarkson and the Sony NGP aka the PSP2

    The rumour mill has been churning for the last few weeks, with talk of the PSP2 being as powerful as a PlayStation 3 and launching with a Virtual Jeremy Clarkson game. Now the day and hour has come – 3PM January 27th 2011, Japanese time – and Sony are unveiling the next portable PlayStation to the world. They don’t call it the PSP2 – they now call it the Next Generation Portable or NGP.

    Sony Next Generation Portable - NGP

    Whilst the NGP looks much like the original PSP, it now has two analogue sticks and a high resolution 960×544 pixel 5-inch OLED screen. Aside from the looks though, it packs a bunch of new features – a touch sensitive backside, 3G data connectivity (and WiFi obviously), GPS, motion sensors, front and rear cameras, a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU (for comparison, the iPad packs a single-core Cortex-A8) and a quad-core PowerVR SGX543 GPU (it’s speculated that the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will sport a dual-core version of the same SGX543 GPU).

    NGP gameplayGone are the PSP’s UMD discs, replaced with flash cards that seem a lot like SD cards. Online connectivity is one of the big selling points – with downloadable games on the PlayStation Store, rankings, achievements, location-based services, and all that jazz. Among the first games shown were Killzone, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Wipeout, Metal Gear Solid 4, Call of Duty, and a whole bunch of titles which look to be roughly PS3 quality (the system doesn’t have to be as powerful as a PS3 to output similar graphics on to a lower resolution screen).

    Sony NGP - the PSP2

    Uncharted NGP

    Sony say it will release this holiday season, so Christmas 2011 then. It all looks very nice so far, and very much in the same style as the original PSP and a lot of the predictions. We’re still awaiting the pricing.

    Jan 17
    By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

    FIFA 11 has been top of the chart for a couple of weeks but now Call of Duty: Black Ops has re-taken the top spot. Kinect Sports has risen from #10 to #5 and this week also marks the appearance of the first new entry of 2011 – DC Universe Online at #10.

    The Xbox 360 chart tells a different story – it’s Kinect Sports that’s at #1 with Call of Duty: Black Ops at #2.

    Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded draws its way into #5 in the DS chart with Capcom’s jolly decent murder mystery thing Ghost Trick at #22.

    Jan 11
    By Matt Gander In Blog No Comments

    With the dust now starting to settle on 2010, the UKIE (The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment) have released charts for the best selling games of last year.

    To learn that Call of Duty: Black Ops sold a shit load of copies isn’t a massive surprise. To see both Just Dance games in the chart though is a little surprising, as is the appearance of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I was under the impression that it charted quite highly upon release and then swiftly vanished. The biggest surprise of all though is to find that Art Academy was one of the best selling DS games of last year.

    The best seller list for PSP makes for sad reading – two of the five games are FIFA. A similar thing has happened in the PC chart too, with both Football Manager 2010 and Football Manager 2011 being present.

    You can view the charts in full by clicking on the link below.


    Jan 04
    By Matt Gander In UK Charts No Comments

    UK Charts

    This week’s chart is the first since Christmas. This means that a lot of new console owners have been contributing to game sales over the last seven days, and also those who have been out looking for bargains in the sales.

    There’s a change over on the top of the chart for starters – FIFA 11 is back on top pushing Call of Duty: Black Ops to #2. Kinect Sports is up from #8 to #6, Fallout: New Vegas rises from #11 to #9 and Dance Central boogies on up from #19 to #10. It’s encouraging to see two Kinect titles in the top 20 for a second week running.

    As for possible January sale-related risers, Fable III is up from #32 to #15, Halo: Reach shoots to #37 to #22 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II forces its way up from #36 to #21.

    There are seven re-entries as well including Dead Rising 2 at #31 and Kinectimals at #36. Spare a thought for poor old Epic Mickey though – I thought it might be in the top 20 this week thanks to being cut to under £20 at some stores but the mouse has now left the house (chart) completely.

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