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Apr 27
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Swedish developers GRIN only made a few games before filing for bankruptcy. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter and its sequel were easily their finest moments. Dismal movie tie-ins Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Terminator Salvation were their worst. Bionic Commando sits in between. When it’s good, it’s really good. When it’s bad, it’s like playing one of the shoddiest games ever.

Dreadlocked and fowled mouthed hero Nathan Spencer is equipped with a bionic arm that can be used to swing through the levels, and then later in the game grab hold of enemies and fling them though the air. Throwing cars at foes is oddly satisfying too, especially cars that are on fire.

The first few levels aren’t anything spectacular including a ruined office block and a derelict city but the later levels, such as a public garden with giant greenhouses, are a lot more alluring. I think if GRIN had changed the level order it would have made a greater first impression on people. The flora and fauna is really quite beautiful in places.


May 22
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The Sun has reported that Capcom asked Heather Mills, the one-legged ex-wife of Paul McCartney, to star in Bionic Commando. According to Heather Mill’s Twitter tweets though she was just asked to promote it not star in it. Here’s what it says:

“Got offered to promote an amputee bionic computer game, from a wealthy computer games company I said if you donate a large sum to charity.
The stingy company came back saying they couldn’t, what happened to charitable businesses, seems they just want to exploit and give nothing.
It may make sense to take the offer but I’d rather donate regularly to many charities much more than they’re offering and not be exploited.”

Can you imagine what the game would look like staring Heather Mills instead of a chap with a bionic prosthetic arm? Or how many copies it would then go onto sell? Had The Sun got their facts right it could have been the weirdest thing to happen in gaming for a long time.

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