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Jan 20
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As much as we’d like to see the esteemed likes of The Witcher III, Overwatch and Battlefield 1 on Nintendo Switch, it’ll never happen. The system simply lacks the horsepower, and the fact that Nintendo has opted for cartridges probably doesn’t help the current software situation either.

It appears the system has more in common with last-gen tech, with FIFA on Switch allegedly running on the Xbox 360 version’s engine. We have a feeling that NBA 2K is based on the last-gen iterations too. That’s not to say we aren’t going to see any current-gen stuff, though – I Am Setsuna and Steep are on their way. Developers must either put the extra effort in – hence why Steep isn’t out until later in the year – or choose games that aren’t too graphically demanding.

So here are five games that could feasibly be released on Nintendo’s shiny new system, all of which we’d be very pleased to see. Day one purchases all around.

Rocket League


A quick kickabout on FIFA, a couple of rounds of Splatoon, some 1-2-Switch shenanigans to liven up a dull party – these are the kind of experiences the Switch is intended for, thanks to its portable nature and focus on multiplayer.

In an ideal world, Nintendo would be chasing Psyonix for a Switch version of Rocket League. Perusing software isn’t exactly the Kyoto giant’s strength, however, so we can only hope that Rocket League makes the jump somewhen – it’s a perfect fit for the system, offering short bursts of instantly gratifying entertainment. It holds huge appeal too; a sports game that anybody can pick up and play.

The vehicles may have to be made slightly less curvaceous to bring the polygon count down, but we’re still confident the Switch could handle a competent conversion.

With Nintendo planning to charge for the Switch’s online service, it’ll need a strong line-up of online games to justify the cost. Splatoon and MK8 are fine and dandy, but the chance to play online Rocket League while on lunch break could help make Nintendo’s online fees easier to swallow.

Rise of the Tomb Raider


No, we haven’t overestimated the Switch’s power – lest you forget, Lara’s latest graced the ageing Xbox 360 alongside Xbox One. While the last-gen version didn’t receive a great deal of press coverage – there are no critic reviews on Metacritic whatsoever – it was apparently an excellent conversion, with a sturdy frame rate and impressive visuals.

Once Breath of the Wild is done and dusted, core gamers are likely to be hankering for another adventure, and so we’re sure Rise of the Tomb Raider would go down a treat on Switch. It’s not like Lara is a stranger to Nintendo formats either – Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider: Legend graced the GameCube while Tomb Raider: Underworld made it to the Wii.

Square-Enix is one of the few publishers to announce more than one title for the Switch, which makes this conversion likelier than some of the others on this list. Perhaps even the most likely.

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Feb 01
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This Thursday sees the final dose of Super Smash Bros. add-on content arrive on the UK eShop, including Fire Emblem‘s Corrin and Bayonetta herself. Also: Tails and Knuckles attire.

The final assortment before being bundled together to form a Nintendo NX launch title? Perhaps, if last week’s rumours are true. Like many others, we don’t see how Nintendo could create an all-new Smash Bros. in time for the NX’s launch – rumoured to be this year.

From 4th February the following add-ons will be available on both Wii U and 3DS:

Bayonetta & Umbra Clock Tower Set (£5.39 for one platform or £6.29 for both) – Includes Fighter (Bayonetta), Umbra Clock Tower stage, new stage music and new trophies.

[Fighter] Corrin (£4.49 for one platform, £5.39 for both) – Includes Fighter (Corrin), new stage music and new trophies.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Bionic Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – Includes Bionic Helmet and Bionic Armour, for Mii Brawlers only.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Takamaru Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – Includes Takamaru Wig and Takamaru’s Outfit, outfit for Sword Fighters only.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Ashley Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – Includes Ashley Wig and Ashley’s Outfit, outfit for Sword Fighters only.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Gil Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – Includes Gil’s Helmet and Gil’s Armour, armour for Sword Fighters only.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Tails Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – Includes Tails Hat and Tails Outfit, outfit for Gunners only.

[Mii Fighter Costume] Knuckles Set (69p for one platform, £1.09 for both) – – Includes Knuckles Hat and Knuckles Outfit, outfit for Brawlers only.

[Bundle] Mii Fighter Costume Bundle #6 (Wii U & 3DS) (£4.14 for one platform, £6.54 for both) – Includes all Mii Fighter Costumes listed above.

[Bundle] Collection #6 (£14.02 for one platform, £18.22 for both) – Includes all Fighters, stages and Mii Fighter Costumes listed above.

[Bundle] Bumper Fighter (£31.43 for one platform, £37.73 for both) – Includes Fighters (Mewtwo, Ryu, Lucas, Roy, Cloud, Corrin, Bayonetta), Stages (Suzaku Castle, Midgar, Umbra Clock Tower), new stage music, new trophies, profile icons.

[Bundle] Stage Bundle (£9.45 for one platform, £13.05 for both) – Includes Stages (Dream Land (64), Peach’s Castle (64), Hyrule Castle (64), Super Mario Maker, Pirate Ship (Wii U Only) and new stage music.

A shout out goes to Nintendo Life for clarifying what each pack contains – Nintendo’s official presser is something of a garbled mess.

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Nov 10
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Here’s a situation I think every gamer has been in – browsing inside a game shop, only to see somebody pick up a rubbish game and take it to the counter. To add insult to injury, on the same rack of games was something significantly better for the same price.

The decent thing to do here would be to give some friendly advice on their purchase, but this is at a great risk. I can recall suggesting to somebody not to spend £40 on The Scorpion King on PS2. The way that they looked at me you would have thought that I’ve just asked to shit on their shoes.

How games of a very similar nature can vary in quality so much is quite staggering in places. It’s time to make like an obese opera singer and ‘go compare’.

Why play Naughty Bear, when you could play Conker: Live and Reloaded?

Conker’s Bad Fur Day may be knocking on a bit, but it’s still better than Naughty Bear. It’s backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, hence why we’re mentioning it here, although you can’t play online any more. Conker – the original cute, fluffy trouble maker. Unless you count Basil Brush.

Why play Mercenaries 2, when you could play Just Cause 2?

When Mercenaries 2 is good, it’s very good. Blowing up buildings, calling in air strikes and requesting heavy military vehicles to be dropped at your feet. But when it’s bad… you have to lean over and reset your console because the screen has frozen for the umpteenth time. Just Cause 2 is constantly good – it’s the game that Mercenaries 2 would have been if EA hadn’t rushed it out.

Why play Bullet Witch, when you could play Bayonetta?

As the title suggests, Bullet Witch stars a witch who runs around carrying guns. The only thing it was really noted for upon release was for having a rather cheeky achievement – finish it on Hell Mode to boost your Gamerscore by 1 lousy point. Bayonetta on the other hand is remembered for the 10/10 score in EDGE, the 40/40 in Famitsu…

Why play Spider-Man 3, when you could play Crackdown 2?

Spider-Man 3: run along roof tops and leap through the air in a free-roaming game world that’s filled with glitches. Crackdown 2: run along roof tops and leap through the air in a free-roaming game world that’s not filled with glitches.

Why play Bomberman: Act Zero, when you could play Bomberman Live?

A serious contender for the worst revamp ever, Bomberman: Act Zero took away everything people loved about the franchise. Thankfully Bomberman Live brought it all back. Better still it’s available on an Arcade Pack collection along with Geometry Wars Evolved 2 and Lumines, which costs next to nothing.

Why play Motion Sports, when you could play Kinect Sports?

Kinect Sports was one of the few highlights of the Kinect’s launch and showed early adopters that the device works brilliantly when developers spend time and effort with their software. It’s likely that those who took home the near-impossible to play Motion Sports instead thought that their shiny new Kinect was broken.

Why play X-Men Destiny, when you could play X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Two different games, for sure, but X-Men Origins: Wolverine is everything X-Men Destiny isn’t. Good looking, satisfying, fun to play and super violent thanks to an 18 rating. A very underrated movie tie-in.

Why play Space Invaders Revolution, when you could play Space Invaders Extreme?

We’ll let a Metacritic user review describe Space Invaders Revolution: “I give it a one for 1 middle finger up Atari’s ass. This is pure poop! List price should be 99 cents, not a penny more!” Although it doesn’t have anything to do with Atari (it was published by Rising Star) he does have a point – reviews were dire. Skip forward a couple of years and Square-Enix’s Space Invaders Extreme showed us how a revamp should be done.

Why play Raven Squad, when you could play just about any FPS?

Xbox 360 owners aren’t exactly short on choice for first person shooters, and just about any of them are more welcome than the low budget Raven Squad – a linear, short and simple shooter. Ok, perhaps not the equally duff Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Or Rogue Warrior. Or Shellshock 2. But the rest are pretty spiffing.

Mar 30
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Every month we trawl eBay’s completed listings to find stuff of interest that has sold for vast sums. Why? Because it feels so good.

With the 3DS now in the back pockets* of thousands, if not millions of gamers I thought it would be a fine idea to search for other items offering the chance to experience the third dimension.

Sega’s 3D glasses for the Master System have always been popular; here’s a set that ended at £58.17 with 8 bids. The games that go with it usually fetch a nice price too – a copy of Out Run 3D ended at £46 after 10 bids, another went for £41.95 with 11 bids, while a copy of Space Harrier 3D sold for £30.91 with 10 bids. It’s a little known fact that the 3D glasses only worked with the original Master System, as they had to be connected via the card port.

Even less well known is that the Famicom (NES) had a pair of 3D specs too, which were compatible with a handful of titles such as Rad Racer and the brilliantly named Animal Attack School. A brand new pair of those sold for £69.99 on a Buy It Now. A second-hand set went for £93.24 but that included all six games released for it and a Hori joypad.

In the world of 2D, a copy of the uber rare Darxide on 32X sold for £975 via Best Offer. The seller originally wanted £1,200 for it, if memory serves (I was watching it on eBay for a while). Playing like a 3D version of Asteroids, Darxide is not only a pretty good game but has some heritage behind it – it was developed by Elite creator David Braben. Its rarity stems from the fact that it was one of the last Sega 32X games, released at a time when both retailers and the gaming public had lost all faith in the system. You can read a little bit more about it on the Frontier website.

Sealed game collecting is becoming quite a big deal. Proof? Even rubbish games can sell for a small fortune if they’re sealed, like this copy of Conan on GameCube which went for £56 after 9 bids, purely because the contents hadn’t been touched by human hands. Less rubbish, so much so that it isn’t rubbish at all, is this sealed copy of Fire Emblem on Game Boy Advance which went for £26.55 after 7 bids.

Outside of the realms of retro, a Bioshock Collector’s Edition – which included a Big Daddy figurine – went for £109, while a Bayonetta Climax Edition with a replica gun sold for £75.

Last month I reported that Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 has been increasing in value. With another month gone, the price continues to increase – one copy sold for £70, another for £60 and dozens for £40-£60. Namco should consider issuing a re-print.

*The 3DS manual says not to put it in your back pocket. So don’t.

Jan 11
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UK Charts

It’s Monday, which means it’s chart time here on GamesAsylum. Let’s see how Bayonetta and Darksiders did, shall we? Yes!

It certainly looks like THQ’s decision to hold Darksiders back until after the Xmas rush was a wise one – it has managed to get to #8 in the all formats top 40. Sega’s Bayonetta does even better, dashing in at #5.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still #1, which makes it the 9th week running. Chart Track also point out that it has already become the third best selling game in the UK ever. I’m willing to bet that within the next six month it’ll end up being either the second best, or possibly best ever. Brain Training on DS and GTA: San Andreas hold the first and second positions, if you’re wondering.

The rest of the top 10 has had a good old shuffle this week – the rubbish Just Dance is up from #7 to #3, Wii Fit Plus is up from #5 to #2, Assassin’s Creed 2 drops from #2 to #7 while Mario & Sonic at the Winter Games also slides all the way from #3 to #11.

Jan 07
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This Week’s Games

EA’s The Saboteur features tits and guns and hasn’t sold very well. Sega’s Bayonetta also features tits and guns, but with 10/10 reviews from just about everybody it’s bound to do well in the chart next week. If you haven’t read any reviews yet, it’s a bit like Devil May Cry only with a far superior combat system and an excellent musical score.

If you like a bit more adventuring in your third person action games then THQ’s Darksiders might be the one to go for instead. Reviews have also been strong, including an 8 from Eurogamer and a 9 from 360 Gamer magazine. The press have described as a mixture of Zelda and God of War, which seems like a fair comparison.

Next week: Army Of Two: The 40th Day, Dark Void, Winter Sports 2010: The Great Tournament and the stupidly elongated Vancouver 2010: The Official Videogame Of The Olympic Winter Games.

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