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Nov 07
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The Nintendo Switch isn’t the only console prone to receiving belated conversions. Developer Witch Beam seemingly postponed the Xbox One version of this twin-stick shooter until the arrival of the Xbox One X. It’s an understandable decision, and not just because there’s an unspoken rule that every new console must launch with a snazzy twin-stick shooter nowadays.

While a tad tardy (the PS4 version launched in 2016), Assault Android Cactus is a welcome addition to the Xbox’s library. The character roster comprises of chibi-style androids with bulbous heads, giving it a twee, almost anime influenced, art direction that we don’t often see around these parts. Moreover, it’s an incredibly well-designed game. Fresh, frantic, and filled with personality.

Plucky green-haired android Cactus is the lead character – hence the game’s peculiar title – and after crash landing on a colossal space-cruiser filled with rampaging robots, she rallies up the remaining allied androids to fight back. Each playable character has their own weapon set, as well as different dialogue during the brief and comical cut-scenes. They come packing a positive ‘can-do attitude’ too. Well, all aside from Starch – a somewhat creepy monochromatic android that yells random words.

The Xbox One certainly isn’t short on twin-stick shooters, so it’s pleasing to see that Assault Android Cactus has more than a couple of tricks to make it stand out. Rather than providing a quickfire arcade-like experience, there’s a fully-fledged campaign to play through with an overworld map, unlockable extras, different stages, and a guardian to beat at the end of each zone. Bosses are themed around the space-cruiser’s floors, with the security department featuring a large brute clutching a pair of riot shields and the ship’s garden having a plant-like entity.

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Mar 10
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There’s only one big name title willing to go against Ubisoft’s eagerly awaited Tom Clancy’s The Division, and that’s Square-Enix’s Hitman.

Or to be more precise, roughly half of Hitman – this time round the series is being given the episodic approach. Cause for concern is understandable, but if the developers accomplish what they set out to achieve it could very well become one of the freshest experiences around.


£11.99 gets you the intro pack, due on both the Xbox One store and PSN this Friday, while the full package is priced £44.99. There’s also an upgrade pack available, although the price of this is currently unknown. The intro pack gives access to the prologue mission, the Paris Sanguine Fashion Show and access to Contracts and Escalation modes. The remaining locations then roll out periodically throughout 2016, starting next month. The developers promise to add new content, challenges, weekly events and more between major updates in order to keep things fresh. The beta went down incredibly well, so we have confidence that it’s going to bring the franchise back on top form. Fans weren’t too thrilled by Absolution, if memory serves.

A physical release is due much later this year. Alternatively, the collector’s edition is due Friday which includes a statue, art book, a fetching red tie and a download code for the full package. Expect to pay around £100.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will no doubt be the main attraction for many this week though. Reviews are starting to trickle through now, albeit from lesser-known gaming sites. GameSkinny gave it a 7, stating that the updates due in the weeks in months to come will define it. Paulsemel.com found it was best played solo, despite the co-op focus. Technoverts meanwhile handed out 3.5/5, but to put it politely, it’s hardly the most comprehensive of reviews.


From what we’ve played, it’s a rather robust and scrappy shooter with some very welcome RPG overtones. There’s a learning curve, but it’s a gentle one – in the opening areas very few nasty surprises lurk, allowing plenty of time to get to grips with the co-op aspects and the fancy menu/map screens. The fact that woolly hats and cardigans are amongst the loot drops amuses us slightly. What would Black Friday be without people fighting over a pair of comfortable lounge pants?

One thing is certain though – the visuals have indeed been downgraded since E3. It’s like Watch_Dogs all over again.

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