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Jul 26
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This week can only be described as being like a ‘special dream’ for Nintendo fans – not only is there a new piece of hardware out, but also half a dozen or so new releases to go alongside it.

Oddly, the 3DS XL launches this Saturday rather than on Friday as you may expect. The price war kicked off earlier this week – Asda are currently the cheapest, selling it for £169 compared to Tesco’s £175. GAME have a nifty deal though – if you trade in a 3DS (which must be boxed) then you get the handheld and a free charger for £79.99. They even give you 24 hours to take your new toy home and transfer your data. Don’t go leaving the country now, will you?

If you trust the postal service to deliver your system in time for launch, online retailers The Hut and Zavvi are both offering it for £167.95. Beating this deal are Sainsbury’s – if you sign up to their site as a new customer and use code SETENJ12 or SECOSMO you can get one for £161.

We’ve spent a little bit of time with a 3DS XL and although the screens have reduced glare the overall build quality feels a little cheap. It doesn’t come with a charger either, which is something that makes GAME’s deal even more appealing for those looking to trade-in.

There are four new 3DS releases to consider if you’re thinking of picking one up. New Art Academy is the sequel to the surprise DS million seller and offers 3D tutorial videos and the chance to swap pictures via StreetPass and Nintendo Letter Box. It has been spotted online for £20, as has the retail release of Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! The eShop version was well received, netting a 7/10 from Pocket Gamer and a curiously high 89% from the Official Nintendo Magazine.

We’re somewhat less confident in recommending One Piece: Unlimited Cruise SP2 and Mensa Academy. The first One Piece for 3DS was critically mauled. Square-Enix’s Mensa Academy meanwhile has a whiff of shovelware about it. The Wii version is also out this week while Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are due later in the year.

Nintendo aren’t forgetting about their older formats this week either. Pokemon Conquest for DS is well worth a look, especially seeing as IGN dished out a 9.0, while Quiz Party for Wii is in fact being published by Nintendo themselves and features the vocal talents of Roy Walker. We’re sure they must have seen some potential in it to pick it up. Either that or they thought they’d better release something between now and the release of the Wii U.

Not a fan of the purveyor of the portly plumber? Bad news for you, son – the only other game out this week is Brave: The Video Game. American gamers received it last month to tie-in with their release of the movie. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions reviewed favourably – EGM even gave the 360 iteration an 8.0 – but the Wii and DS versions were panned for feeling lazily made. The film didn’t go down too well with the critics either – Time Out New York said it was “Pixar on preachy autopilot.” Erk!

Next week: Risen 2: Dark Waters for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and that could very well be it.

Jan 31
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So far this year we’ve had a new #1 every week. Last week it was LittleBigPlanet 2; this week it’s Dead Space 2. The original only managed to get to #6 in the chart, so well done EA. I think this proves that games can sell well even in the dark and depressing month of January.

Art Academy – which made the list of top 5 best selling DS games of 2010 – is back in the top 10 at #9 up from #15. Kinect Sports drops from #8 to #12 while Call of Duty: Black Ops is now at #5 – the “lowest” it has ever been in the chart. I dare say it’ll rise again though.

DC Universe Online has left the top 40 already and there’s still no sign of Square-Enix’s Mindjack in any of the charts despite there plenty of copies on the shelves.

Aug 16
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UK Charts

Toy Story 3 has claimed its third consecutive #1, which is more than any other Disney published title before it. So far this year only 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Red Dead Redemption and Just Dance have stayed longer at the top of the chart.

Nintendo’s Art Academy has had a very good week too, shooting up from #28 to #5, while Madden NFL 11 enters the chart at a respectable #10. Starcraft II has now left the top 10, going from #4 to #12.

Aliens vs Predator has managed to re-enter at #20, presumably because the likes of Zavvi have cut it to just £9.99, however both Alan Wake and Crackdown 2 look like they’re about to depart the chart currently at #39 and #40 respectively.

Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 is on the brink of becoming the UK’s best selling game ever – Chart Track thought it might take the title last week, but it didn’t manage to. It’s only a matter of time though. Maybe even by the end of this week?

Aug 09
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UK Charts

Starcraft II has only managed to stay on top of the chart for one week – it’s now at #4, pushed down by the likes of Toy Story 3 which has risen back to the top of the chart. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has gone back up from #8 to #2 thanks to some discounts on the high street while Square-Enix’s DS-exclusive RPG Dragon Quest XI continues to do well holding onto a #7 position.

Even though it has been out for a few weeks now Hidden Mysteries: Titanic on Wii has managed to enter the top 40 at #32. Nintendo’s Art Academy is the only other new entry in the chart, painting its way in at #28. I bet you didn’t know that it was developed by the people behind House of the Dead: Overkill and Battalion Wars 2, did you?

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