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May 09
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Among this week’s assortment of new eShop titles you’ll find such big hitters as Shakedown: Hawaii, Puyo Puyo Champions, Saints Row: The Third, and For the King. If none of these takes your fancy, then Nintendo has you covered – the Go Digital! sale is underway, boasting over 130 games on offer.

There are too many discounts to list in full, but we can rattle off some choice picks: Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (£8.99), Night in the Woods (£11.96), Iron Crypticle (£3.74), Snake Pass (£6.39), Rogue Aces (£3.99), Bulb Boy (£1.79), Velocity 2X (£5.99), CAPCOM BEAT ‘EM UP BUNDLE (£12.79), and Raging Justice (£3.39), and SEGA AGES Out Run (£4.49).

Speaking of SEGA, the e-sports orientated puzzler Puyo Puyo Champions launches at the low price of £7.99. However, it’s not quite the bargain it may seem – it’s a very slim package, offering just the basics. The addition of the ‘Fever’ ruleset should be able to open the wallets of Puyo Puyo diehards, though, and review scores for this colourful ditty are still clocking in at 8/10.

“This is a great option if you want to play this puzzler online against pros or locally with friends,” said Nintendo World Report, while suggesting that Puyo Puyo Tetris is a better option for those expecting a story mode.

After a lengthy development period, Vblank was no doubt hoping to see higher review scores for their Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii. The 16-bit GTA-style crime caper received a 6.5 from Nintendo World Report and an equally lukewarm 6/10 from Nintendo Life.

“Despite all of its numerous shortcomings, there’s still some fun to be had when you’re not toiling through menus, but it’s hard not be disappointed when you consider VBlank’s previous work; hopefully, like Retro City Rampage, we’ll see a better DX version in the future,” said the former.

Scores for the twin-stick roguelike Blazing Beaks are both higher and more consistent, gaining impressive 8/10s from both The Digital Fix and Video Chums.

“Blazing Beaks is a lot of things, all at once, splitting focus between a rogue-lite Story mode and twin-stick local multiplayer shenanigans. Neither mode is perfect, and there might be stronger options available if you’re only interested in one of these genres, but there’s an astonishing level of replay value here, across the board. You’d be quackers to miss it,” was The Digital Fix’s verdict.

Then we have the tabletop RPG For The King, which also features roguelike elements. This too has been on the receiving end of 8/10s. The Metro called it “one of the most enjoyable roguelikes of recent years” while also praising its low poly visuals.

Finally, Saints Row: The Third joins the Switch party this Friday, available both at retail and on the eShop. Reviews aren’t live yet, but it’s hard to imagine anything going disastrously wrong with this conversion – the original dates back to 2011, after all.

We recall enjoying the base game – especially flying around the city in a helicopter – but felt the three add-on packs were over too quickly. Regardless, it’s nice to see another open-world game on Switch.

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