Feb 13
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Three new eShop releases are due this week – one minor release for Wii U and two noteworthy ones for 3DS. New Zelda: Breath of the Wild 3DS themes may be of interest, too – The Open World and A New Adventure, as they’re known, hit the eShop on Thursday for £1.79 each.


On 3DS Nintendo’s Tank Troopers marches out for a modest £7.19. This cartoony tank battler offers customisable tanks, six-player online support and download play. Consider us intrigued – it looks surprisingly slick.

Dragon Ball Fusions (£34.99) meanwhile is due at both retail and on the eShop. This role-player allows fans to merge DBZ characters to create new fighting styles. Nintendo Life thought it was well put together, giving it 8/10. “Dragon Ball Fusions fuses fan service with an enjoyable story and battle system to create a fresh Dragon Ball video game experience, with the only blot being the sometimes tedious energy aquisition process,” they said.

Then on Wii U there’s I C REDD (£1.39), a tunnel based score-chaser from RCMADIAX. The low price and ‘all caps’ title probably gave that away.

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Feb 13
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PlayStation 4 exclusive Nioh has had a successful launch, arriving at #2 in the UK top 40. It has certainly defied our expectations – we had it pegged for outside the top ten.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard failed to make it to three weeks at number one – it’s now at #3, dislodged by GTA V.

Rockstar’s evergreen crime caper is now one of five titles to take the top spot for 12 weeks or more, putting it alongside Who Wants to be a Millionaire (18 weeks), Wii Fit (16 weeks), Zumba Fitness (13 weeks) and FIFA 14 (12 weeks). Never underestimate the casual market.

FIFA 17 dropped to #4 while Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare remained at #5.

Battlefield 1 rose one place to #6 while Rocket League fell to #7. At #8 it’s last week’s new arrival Hitman: The Complete First Season. Positions #9 and #10 were then occupied by two top ten re-entries – Overwatch and Watch_Dogs 2.

WWE 2K17, Mafia III and Final Fantasy XV departed the top ten, meanwhile.

Nioh was the only new arrival this week, although we did see No Man’s Sky, LEGO Batman 3 and Mario Kart 7 re-appear in the bottom half of the top 40. With no LEGO Batman Movie tie-in, we guess LEGO Batman 3 is proving popular with those who missed it first time round.

Feb 09
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When this colourful match-three puzzler hit PSN last week it attracted a bit of attention. We’d wager this is down to the fact that it bears stark resemblance to Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bubble), Taito’s celebrated classic that’s long overdue a comeback.

Indeed, quite why current license holder Square-Enix hasn’t sought to create a new console/handheld Bust-A-Move since 2011’s Puzzle Bobble Universe is beyond us. The series is perfectly suited for digital distribution as past games have always arrived at less-than-full-price. It’s not like match-three puzzlers have fallen out of fashion either. In fact, they’re more popular than ever. Guess we can thank Facebook for that.


Adventure Pop’s set-up is identical to Tatio’s age old classic. Launch coloured bubbles out of a cannon to clear the screen, performing slick trick shots by bouncing shots off walls. Two bubbles are loaded into the cannon at once which can be swapped between. Fail to clear the screen before the supply of projectiles depletes, or if the bubbles drop below the line during a boss stage, then it’s game over. Actually, that’s a white lie – being a free-to-play game, it’s possible to cough up some cash to carry on playing. IAPs start at £2.39, rising to £39.99.

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Feb 08
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While Team Ninja’s Nioh looks very similar to Dark Souls on first glance, critics are keen to stress that there are several key differences. Not only is it samurai themed, but it also has a different stamina system – which gives the chance to attack enemies when they’re suffering from fatigue – summonable spirit animals, and a weapon system with three forms of attack.

Review scores have been sky high – including top marks from Jim Sterling – with consensus being that it sees Team Ninja back on top form. Those who didn’t enjoy Dark Souls won’t find solace here, though. It put Polygon through their paces so thoroughly that they had to postpone their review. “This is almost certainly the most difficult game we’ve ever had to review in our decade-plus of writing about games,” they claimed.


Rainbow Six: Siege – Season 2 aside, Nioh is this week’s only retail release. Next week looks set to make up for that, with both Sniper Elite V4 and For Honor out Tuesday.

On the Xbox One store the free-to-play Adventure Pop popped out of nowhere earlier this week. That was soon accompanied by another FTP release – mobile hit Fallout Shelter. We’ve spent a couple of hours with the post-apocalyptic homemaker and found it to be curiously compelling. Not the best fit for console – there’s a lot of time spent waiting for something, anything, to happen – but it’s pleasant enough. The presentation remains appealing and there’s enjoyment to be had by sending your civilians out to scavenge in the wasteland.

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Feb 07
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Piracy is rife on Android. Piracy is bad. But free is good. And you can have free Android apps without piracy. At a price. (Figuratively.) Here are two ways.

Amazon Underground

Amazon Underground launched in 2015, replacing Amazon’s daily free app offering. It’s an intriguing beast, offering apps for free that would cost you good money – either up front or in IAPs – elsewhere. How? Why? Quite.

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Feb 06
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Square-Enix’s Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber hits the Wii U’s Virtual Console service this Thursday for a modest £8.99. If you’re able to finish this cult tactical RPG before the Switch arrives in less than a month, then you deserve a pat on the back.


Indeed, it’s nice to see Wii U support with the Switch’s release looming. While this late N64 RPG was never released in Europe, it did make it onto the Wii VC years ago. Way back in 2010, to be precise. We’re looking forward to a Switch re-release in 2024.

A few new indies are due on the soon-to-be-outdated console too. These include Words Up! Academy (£2.69) – which is simply described as a “puzzle and skill game” – and Maze Break (£6.00), which combines Breakout/Arkanoid with traditional maze solving.

They’re joined by Plantera (£4.49), due on both Wii U and 3DS with same ID cross-buy.

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Feb 06
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Like a filth encrusted squatter, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard continues to occupy the UK chart‘s top spot.

Team Ninja’s Nioh is the only major new release for this week, and while we don’t doubt that it’ll manage to break the top 20, it may struggle to make the top ten. With nothing to challenge it, RE7 may very well see a third week on top. That’ll put it on par with RE3 and RE5, the current franchise record holders for an unbroken run at number one.


Hitman: The Complete First Season was the highest new arrival, making its debut at #4 – a position that Square-Enix is no doubt delighted with, considering Agent 47’s latest has already ‘done the business’ on the download services.

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World at #20 was the only other new face in the top 40.

As for last week’s new arrivals, Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD fell all the way from #3 to #21 while SEGA’s Yakuza 0 has left the top 40 entirely. This could be down to availability – it’s currently showing as out of stock on both Amazon and GAME, suggesting SEGA underestimated demand.

Going back to the top ten, GTA V held onto #2 while FIFA 17 rose to #3. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare saw a sales boost off the back of new DLC, but held onto #5 regardless.

Rocket League and Battlefield 1 stayed put at #6 and #7 respectively, FF XV shot up to #8 – up from #15 – and WWE 2K15 also make a re-appearance at #9. Then at #10 it’s Mafia III.

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs 2 and Steep both departed the top ten meanwhile, dropping to #12 and #17.

Feb 02
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There’s no getting away from it: virtual reality is a bit of a faff. To get over that, a game needs to be both good and novel – to offer something VR-specific to make it worth the effort. Surprisingly, as a Google Daydream VR exclusive, EarthShape doesn’t.


And frustratingly, EarthShape is good. At heart, it’s a simple puzzle game: a ball enters a grid of dots and travels in a straight line, until it bounces off lines you draw between adjacent dots, to guide it into the circular goal. Complexity is added by time limits and introducing icons dotted around the grid – extra points, speed modifiers and so on. It works. It’s nice.

And it does work in VR: the Daydream controller is effective enough. But I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that drawing lines on a grid would be easier and more intuitive on a touch screen.

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