Jun 10
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Capcom’s futuristic third person adventure Remember Me has had a far better launch than EA’s new IP Fuse, entering the UK chart at #3.

This sticks a firm two fingers up at the publishers who refuse to believe there’s a demand for titles with female protagonists.

Incidentally, Fuse has now left the top 40 entirely after débuting at a lowly #37 last week.

Codemaster’s Grid 2 is still the UK’s number one, and is followed by FIFA 13 at #2.

At #4 it’s another surprisingly high new entry – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition. Curiously, plain old vanilla Skyrim is still in the chart at #25.

The only other occurrence of note is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate re-appearing at #34.

A sensible guess is because of Nintendo’s recently announced offer of a free download for new fellow 3DS owners.

Published Monday 10th June 2013 by Games Asylum

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