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“Now that Riptide’s release date is fast approaching we need to sort out our boxart.”

“Oh, I’ve got a painting I did at Sixth Form College back in the ‘80s that we can use. I was really into Rambo at the time.”

“Yeah, that’ll do.”

And that’s the story behind Dead Island Riptide’s awful, awful boxart. Well, probably. Can you believe that people are enraged about Bioshock Infinite’s artwork, but are yet willing to let this monstrosity slide?

At least early previews suggest it’s going to be a whole lot better than the original Dead Island, although that shouldn’t be a tough job seeing that it was a bit of a mess.

Published Tuesday 11th December 2012 by Games Asylum

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  • Christmas treemoh

    I don’t think anyone’s really expecting much of Dead Island, though- people want to tell themselves that they’re somehow ‘better’ than the masses for playing BioShock over, say, CoD- so creating boxart for said masses is going to rub some people up the wrong way.

    Whereas you take this game, which is a sequel to a game that was seen as a little disappointing (at least, after *that* trailer) and attracted a certain amount of controversy, I don’t think anyone really cares about the box.

  • Games Asylum

    Which undead celebrity do you think this zombie resembles?

    We reckon Nicolas Cage. Or maybe John Travolta.

  • Games Asylum

    There’s the price to take into account too. Apparently it’s going to be a budget game in the US ($29.99?) but has it listed for £34.99.

  • Jerry Curlan

    Okay Matt – other than the fact that you don’t like it, please enlighten us as to what the issues are with this image. I don’t care one way or the other (it’s the game, not the boxart, that matters) but since you’re going out of your way to bash it, simply implying that it’s lazy and awful doesn’t cut it.

  • Adam P

    Yeh Matt, other than the fact the box art is pretty rubbish, what’s wrong with it, eh, eh?! :)

  • Games Asylum

    Lazy and awful. You’ve kind of answered your own question, there.

  • Bradley W

    Are we buying games for the boxart or for the game? Rubbish rant.

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