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Rayman Jungle Run

Note to all: this is how to transfer a game to mobiles.

Okay, so it’s not a conversion of Rayman Origins per se – but that’s the point. The wonderful UbiArt framework has been retained, but the controls stripped down to accommodate the touch screen. Which leaves a sticky condensed residue of the essence of Origins, ideal for smartphone consumption.

Rayman Jungle Run

Running is automatic, with taps to jump, fly and punch – those abilities, and wall running, being introduced gradually. But in a very smart design decision, there’s no particular rush: where levels allow, you’re free to double back on yourself, meaning it’s not always a frantic run to the finish line. The opportunity for a bit of exploration is a very welcome change of pace.

Thankfully, none of the weighty, flappy feel has been lost. At its best – particularly in later, more complicated levels – Jungle Run matches the expertly crafted rhythmic level design of Origins, the environment and placement of Lums perfectly calibrated to Rayman’s movements. Collecting all 100 Lums on a stage is rarely easy, but worthwhile to unlock tougher bonus levels.

Rayman Jungle Run

There are more fiddly moments, usually involving flying, but nothing too irksome. And yes, it’s a bit expensive, and a bit short – but only relatively speaking.

It’s comfortably worth the asking price. I’d bloody love some updates with extra levels though, Ubisoft – HINT HINT.

Version: iPhone
iTunes App Store: £1.99

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