May 14
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This week’s UK chart has seen a slight shuffle in the top ten – Sniper Elite V2 remains the UK’s number one and is followed by FIFA Street, FIFA 12, Prototype 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Outside of the top ten there’s a little bit of action going on, but the emphasis is on the word ‘little’ there. PlayStation 3-exclusive Starhawk enters at #17 while the budget priced Back To The Future: The Game skids in at #38.

There isn’t much going on in the single format charts either. The only new arrivals are the Kinect Sports Double Pack in at #29 in the Xbox 360 chart, and Activision’s half-baked movie tie-in Battleship at #29 in the Wii chart. We bet they wished they never bothered bagging that license now.

Published Monday 14th May 2012 by Games Asylum

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