Heroes in a fake hard shell

Apple’s App Review Board has come into scrutiny after letting an unofficial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game slip onto the App Store.

The game, which is apparently close to being unplayable, has been created by a Vietnamese developer going by the name of either Dang Van Phuong or Namphuong Star – depending on which news source you trust. A quick look on the App Store shows that it has now been removed so we’re unable to research their name for ourselves.

Develop-Online reports that it went up on the App Store six weeks ago (18th August), so it’s not hard to believe that a fair few people were duped into buying it for the $5 asking price. According to Destructoid it was still available to download earlier today.

Nickelodeon currently owns the Ninja Turtles license, and it’s not just Nickelodeon that are victims of copyright fraud here – the backdrops have been lifted from Konami’s Contra.

Imagine if Nintendo ever let something as dodgy as this slip onto the 3DS eStore. That would certainly turn a few heads.

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