Jul 19
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Matt’s review of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters received some awfully fun comments. Clearly there’s a demand for unintentionally dismissive opinions in coverage of games based on films based on comic books.

Lucky, then, that we’ve been sent a behind the scenes video about the game, which we are delighted to bring you.

The good news is, it contains insight from one of the guys out of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. No, alas not Richard Ruccolo. The other one. Ryan Reynolds – apparently he’s in Green Lantern too.

He certainly has some insight to offer on the subject of the video game tie-in. Check out these juicy highlights:

“It’s like watching the movie, but you get to actually control it, which is kinda cool I think, for people that have, ya know, that love the movie, and people that haven’t even seen the movie yet.”

Oh yeah, and there’s literally a bit more where that came from. It’s a must see!

Published Tuesday 19th July 2011 by Games Asylum

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  • GameNinjaX

    I played this game with my girl friend expecting it to be pretty bad (like all the other movie turned into video games) but to our surprise this game was quite fun.

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  • Matt

    Ok, maybe i’ll pop over and spam links to GamesAsylum somewhen soon.

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