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Way back in December 2009 I made a few predictions for this year. How did I do? Considering I’m not Mystic Meg, not too badly.

Prediction: Natal launch games include Killer Instinct 3, Fable 3 and a mini-game package featuring Avatars.

I was kind of right here. Fable 3 was going to have Kinect elements – including a statue maker and a tomato throwing mini-game – but these were dropped. Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports featured Avatars. Still no sign of Killer Instinct 3 though.

Activision releases a subscription based Call of Duty game for consoles and PC.

This has been in the news recently, as well as rumors of a free Call of Duty in which you can buy new items with real cash. Maybe next year.

Nintendo revamps the Wii with a larger storage device, HD output and a controller that has Motion Plus built in.

Well, that last bit was right.

The iPhone gets its first real killer app that creates a storm just like Halo and GTA III did.

Angry Birds! I win!

Crazy Taxi is revived for Wii and DS.

Crazy Taxi did make a comeback, but only the arcade original on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.

One of the big publishers buys PopCap for a vast amount of money.

Nope – they’re still independent. Thankfully.

Some really crappy movie tie-ins are released.

This one was meant to be a joke prediction. I was right though – there was Iron Man 2, Harry Potter and that thing with the owls.

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