Oct 26
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Having recently well and truly (and also belatedly) caught the ‘Twitter bug’ I was hoping to find and follow Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov. Although mentioned in random tweets a few times, it he doesn’t appear on to be on there yet.

It’s a shame as I’d been expecting to find tweets like this:

“Finally managed to get my head around the 1989 Tetris licensing agreements. Man, I got screwed!”

“Today was a good day – I halted development on 57 Tetris homebrew clones”


“Hatris? What the fuck was I thinking? Curse you, vodka!”

Published Tuesday 26th October 2010 by Games Asylum

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  • Adam

    Stop posting super long links in Twitter then, Matt. Ever heard of Bit.ly? ;)

  • Matt

    Such technology is beyond my comprehension.

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