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Earth Defense Force 2017 is a genuine hidden gem for the Xbox 360. It’s an open world game, but instead of living the life of a gang member or playing as some random illegal immigrant you have to blast wave after wave of giant robots, UFOs and super-sized ants. It has managed to hold its value too – a second hand copy will set you back around £15 on Amazon, despite being almost three years old.

It can only be good news to hear that a sequel is in the pipeline – D3 has launched a website ( which shows off a logo for a new game entitled Earth Defense Force: Insect Invasion. There are no other details, sadly.

Many have assumed that it’ll be for Xbox 360 as per the original, although I would say that there’s a chance it could be for another format – the developer’s last game was the Nintendo-published Zangeki no Reginleiv on Wii. And before that the earlier Earth Defense Force games were for PlayStation 2.

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