Aug 25
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Personally I thought Midway’s This is Vegas was canned as soon as the ex-publisher started having money troubles. Turns out I thought wrong – Warner Brothers, who mopped up Midway’s leftovers and licenses for a not too shabby $33 million – have been funding it since taking the helm a year ago.

Development costs are reported to be in the region of a $50 million and it still isn’t finished after three years in development. Warner Brothers have apparently decided that enough is enough and have pulled the plug.

Reports suggest it needed another 8 to 12 months finish, with a cost of $250,000 per month to run the studio. This would bring the total up to $52 million, making it more expensive than Killzone 2 and Final Fantasy XII which had reported development costs of $45m and $48m, and almost as expensive as Halo 3 ($55m).

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  • skunkfish

    Just saw a gameplay video on Youtube set in one of the clubs, the dancing section looked incredibly cringeworthy. I must say, I’m also surprised this one wasn’t dropped much earlier.

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