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This Week’s Games

The guys at IO seem to know their stuff, having put out the likes of the original Kane & Lynch, Hitman, Freedom Fighters and Mini Ninjas over the years. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days though doesn’t appear to have reached the lofty heights as some of their other games with scores including a 4/10 from Eurogamer and 2.5/5 from GamePro. Eurogamer said it wasn’t terrible – there’s lots of shooting to be done – but it’s pretty uninspired.

The standard version of Demon’s Souls is out this week too on PlayStation 3. If you’re interested by it, then best get it quick – I have a feeling it’ll sell out pretty sharpish. Another RPG that might sell out quick is Adventures To Go on PSP, which was published by Natsume in the US. It’s £14.99 on Play.

This leaves us with We Sing Encore on Wii and Thomas and Friends Hero of the Rails on both Wii and DS. Excellent!

Next week: Mafia 2, Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade, Gormiti, So Blonde, Pirates: Adventures of the Black Corsair, Imagine Dream Resort, My Fitness Coach: Dance Workout, Grease and 10 Minute Fitness Solutions.

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