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This Week’s Games

“You should cut down on your pork pies, mate. Get some exercise!” sang Blur back in 1994. Well, it wasn’t actually Blur that sung that line – it was that chap from Eastenders. Sitting in front of the TV playing Actvision’s new racer Blur certainly won’t give you any exercise but it should put a smile on your face – reviews have been good, including an 8 from Eurogamer. Also: one of the tracks is based on Brighton seafront.

There are two new Wii games out though that might strengthen those limp wrists of yours – No More Heroes 2 and Samurai Warriors 3. I hope No More Heroes 2 sells well, but after seeing the poor sale figures for Sin & Punishment 2 I doubt that it will.

Three new sports games are also arriving in stores this week – Pure Football, Backbreaker and UFC Undisputed 2010. I would approach both Pure Football and Backbreaker with caution – the former hasn’t been reviewed by anybody yet, while the average review score for Backbreaker currently stands at 50%. UFC Undisputed 2010, if you haven’t read our review, is pleasingly brutal and realistic but the career mode is dull and the controls take a while to learn.

Sega’s Alpha Protocol finally sneaks into stores. Again, there are currently no reviews. There was a little bit of hype behind it when it was first announced, and it’s also developed by Obsidian Entertainment who did Star Wars: KoTOR II, but in the last few months Sega has been oddly quiet about it.

And would you believe it? GameRankings show no reviews for the belated movie tie-in Clash Of The Titans either. Amazon are selling it for £23.30, which probably says it all.

Next week: Assassin’s Creed II: Complete Edition, Rooms: The Main Building, SBK X, Dark Star One: Broken Alliance and a load of PSP re-releases.

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