Apr 24
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If you’re a parent, a child or a man-child who likes to occasionally look through the toy section of the Argos catalogue then you might be familiar with Mega Bloxs – a cheaper, less angular, version of Lego bricks.

If this is the case, then you might also be aware that Mega Bloxs released some Spider-man playsets a few years ago. If these didn’t exist though, then right now we could be playing one of the coolest games ever – Lego Marvel.

According to a recent post on Twitter by Traveller’s Tales’ Jon Burton, a Lego Marvel game was close to being produced but all plans had to be scrubbed out after Mega Bloxs gained the Spider-man rights.

We wont hold a grudge against Mega Blox – they also produce Halo playsets, which are pretty cool.

Published Saturday 24th April 2010 by Games Asylum

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