Mar 23
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Nintendo love their new DS versions. This one however, is rather more impressive than the previous iterations – Nintendo have just announced the existence of the Nintendo 3DS, a DS with 3D screens, that don’t require any special glasses.

Not much more is known at this point, other than the fact the new 3D DS system will be unveiled at this year’s E3 show in June, and released some time during this financial year (this Christmas or early 2011 seem likely). A little handheld system with 3D displays? Quite futuristic. Hopefully Nintendo have come a long way from the Virtual Boy.

Published Tuesday 23rd March 2010 by Games Asylum

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  • Jake

    I was about to be very disappointed, but with no need for stupid bloody glasses, you can colour me intrigued.

  • NonShinyGoose

    Maybe they’ll re-release a load of Virtual Boy games on it! Joke!

    I wouldn’t mind playing Starfox 64 in 3D though, if Nintendo are going to be converting N64 stuff to it.

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