Jul 30
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I don’t keep up with hardware sales figures a great deal, but some Sony-related facts caught my eye today.

It’s all about the continuing success of the PlayStation 2. Or, if you prefer, the under-performance of the PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Two salient PS2 facts: it was the only one to increase annual unit sales in the year to 30th June 2009; and more significantly, it outsold the other two. Obviously it’s cheaper, but it’s pretty surprising nonetheless.

Published Thursday 30th July 2009 by Games Asylum

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  • heywood

    well the ps2 had a price cut to 99(USD) that shouldnt suprize you same thing will happen to the ps3 and psp
    when they lower manufacturing costs and serve a price cut

  • Skunkfish

    Cool. PS3 should see some success in 2014/2015 then…

  • Skunkfish

    How well was the Snes/Megadrive selling in 2000? It’s quite impressive really…

  • Matt

    I think the Mega Drive was out selling the Saturn after it was first released.

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