Apr 10
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Arcade cabinet accumulator Archer Maclean (also of Mercury, Dropzone and IK+ fame) has crawled out of the woodwork to announce his next game – SpeedZone, for the Wii.

The publisher’s website doesn’t make a good impression – they make it look very cheap and nasty indeed – but Archer hasn’t made a bad game yet. Plus he’s putting his name to it, so it must be good.

It’s a futuristic affair and multi-player sounds promising – there’s an 8 player split-screen mode, where one player uses the Wii-remote and the other player uses the nunchuk. So it’s probably best that you don’t invite your friends with bad BO over, what with having to sit close to each other and all. You can also use any GameCube pads that you have lying around.

Detn8 appear to be only the American publisher; hopefully a different publisher will pick it up for the UK and give it some decent box-art.

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  • NonShinyGoose

    This is out next week in the UK, under the name of Wheel Spin. It’s only £11-odd on SendIt.com too.

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