Jan 31
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Remember when the PSone was fading fast and budget games (like CT: Special Forces, Yeti Winter Sports and Ballerburg) started popping out of thin air? It seems that the same is starting to happen to PlayStation 2: while browsing in Morrisons the other day I spotted former Wii-exclusive Nitro Bike for a mere £5.99.

Searches on both Game and Amazon bring up nothing (apart from the Wii version, obviously) so it’s a bit hard to tell when it was released. The online play from the mediocre Wii version has been dropped, judging by the box.

It makes a change to see Wii games converted to PlayStation 2 – usually it’s the other way around. I don’t think we’ll be seeing Red Steel any time soon though.

Published Saturday 31st January 2009 by Games Asylum

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