Dec 31
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UK Chart

The sales have had an impact on the top 40 chart this week, with the likes of Sonic Unleashed, Far Cry 2, Mirror’s Edge – which is a nice £14.71 at Tesco – and Shaun White Snowboarding all rising up a fair few places. Gears of War 2 and GTA IV have also shot upwards, while New Super Mario Bros is back at #36.

The Xbox 360 budget chart is full with new entries due to the slew of games reduced in the January sales. It’s a bit odd, though, that NFL Tour is outselling Condemned 2.

Ghost Squad – which is £7.99 in Zavvi – is back in the Wii chart along with Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and Lego Indiana Jones. My best bargain so far? That has to be Zack & Wiki for £9.75 in PC World.

There was only one new release last week – Nintendo’s 100 Classic Book Collection on DS. That one makes a mark at #39 in the DS chart. Bookmark, see?

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