Dec 19
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It’s the festive season, so rubbish features are a requirement. Hence this Twelve Games of Christmas. We’ll skip to the end, shall we?

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

The King of Fighters XII, »
Winning Eleven, »
Final Fantasy X,
FIFA 09,
Mario Party 8, »
Ridge Racer 7,
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, »
Space Channel 5! »

Grand Theft Auto IV, »
PlayStation 3, »
Master System II, »
and Tobal No 1! »

Writer’s Commentary
It almost works, doesn’t it? It took some effort to get the higher numbers to scan to any degree whatsoever. Final Fantasy was the key, as that could go anywhere, so it was a case trying to find titles with enough syllables, then bunging Final Fantasy in the most desperate position. I’d have liked to use Killer 7, but it’s just too short. I’m sure the list could be improved though – particularly 6 – so your suggestions for alternatives are welcome!

Published Friday 19th December 2008 by Games Asylum

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  • Matt

    You could have had Ben 10. He rocks!

  • Jake

    Ben 10 doesn’t even come close to scanning.

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