Nov 24
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The BBC’s Economics Editor and presenter of Dragons’ Den, Evan Davis, was this week confirmed as a regular presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme from next year. He could tell you all about supply and demand. So could games retailers at the moment.

This week we had 1,400 Wiis disappearing from Amazon in 10 minutes when they got new stock. HMV‘s Oxford Street store managed to hold onto their latest delivery for all of 34 minutes.

The word from retailers seems to be that supply may be disappointingly insufficient to meet demand, but at least stock is steadily coming in. Stock tracking websites are rather popular, so if you’re after a Wii, you might be better off picking a shop and getting friendly – not like that (well maybe like that) – with someone who works there. Or just steal one. But not mine.

Note: Don’t actually steal one. And really not mine.

Published Saturday 24th November 2007 by Games Asylum

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