Apr 26
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PlayStation EyePlayStation Eye is the next-generation equivalent of the EyeToy, but it’s not a toy. Oh no, it has “sophistication”, and comes with editing software EyeCreate rather than anything fun. Sony: taking the ‘play’ out of PlayStation, one step at a time.

The built in microphone sounds a bit interesting though. It can track voice location, which is neat if hard to imagine a use for, and more practically be used for chat without the need for a headset thanks to fancy background noise suppression.

Full body and close-up zoom camera modes are likely to be handy addditions too. And of course the basic technology in the camera is all spanked up.

It’s due in the summer, at – going on recent form – an unappealingly high price.

Published Thursday 26th April 2007 by Games Asylum

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